NEWS: Circumcision, Nobel Prize, Puerto Rico, Colton Haynes

RoadEddie Redmayne is looking all kinds of geek chic on set of Stephen Hawkings bio-pic The Theory of Everything.

RoadSpeaking of physics, Francois Englert of Belgium and Peter Higgs of Britain won the Nobel Prize in Physics for their work in theorizing the existence of the so-called Higgs boson, also known as "The God Particle," the existence of which was finally proven earlier this year thanks to CERN's Large Hadron Collider. "Englert and Higgs theorized about the existence of the particle in the 1960s to provide an answer to a riddle: why matter has mass. The tiny particle, they believed, acts like molasses on snow — causing other basic building blocks of nature to stick together, slow down and form atoms."

RoadCan circumcision reduce the risk of acquiring HIV? "Major studies support circumcision as prevention in Africa but a
small yet vocal group argues the science is flawed."

RoadTens of thousands turn out for jubilant week-long Pride celebrations in Orlando, Florida.

RoadIf these walls could talk: an oral history of New York's Chelsea Hotel.

RoadIs the Puerto Rican island of Vieques the new destination wedding spot for gay couples? The W Retreat & Spa – Vieques Island is now offering wedding packages for same-sex couples: "Aimed at couples in the East, the package includes a legal marriage
ceremony in New York or Boston, followed by the resort event. Priced
from $12,500, the arrangement includes 45 hours of planning, a
personalized wedding Web site, a prewedding tasting with Ms. Coveney
Smith and the resort’s culinary team and the wedding planner’s
attendance at the resort rehearsal and ceremony."

RoadYou daily dose of Awwww.

RoadApparently Liam Payne's underwear was stolen, hence the commando pajama pant balcony appearance.

RoadGeorge Takei reminds us of the silver lining to the government shutdown.

RoadOne gay father comes face to faces with the sexism inherent in toys: "The girls' section was a pink bubble. The themes: fashion, cooking and cleaning. The promotional words on the packages were fun and frivolous. In contrast, the toys that were meant for boys communicated, literally and figuratively, concepts such as leadership, command, speed, agility, skill, might and success. I got the message then and there. If you are a girl, your aspirations should be to play at elegance, nurture a baby doll, and practice cooking and cleaning. If you are a boy, you are to aspire to a persona of power. You are to build physically, train and excel."

RoadMarilyn Monroe as you may never have seen her.

RoadColton Haynes basking in the afternoon glow.


  1. Fenrox says

    Wow, way to miss the goddamn point on circumcision. WHO THE HELL CARES ON IT’S HIV RATES? Why would any information there make it ok to mutilate babies? THAT is the problem and the argument to have. Neither situation is a 100% HIV proof option so you still need condoms. WOULDN’T YOU RATHER HAVE 70% OF THE FEELING DOWN THERE STILL ATTACHED? You have to wear a condom anyway.

    Also boo on the opposition to the article linked, he basically said “I’m super smart so just trust me that all the African data is wrong” when he could have actually stated how it was skewed.

  2. Eric says

    The PR destination for gay couples’ weddings link takes you to “Mystery in the Amazon: Miniature white towers surrounded by ‘picket fences’ on trees leave scientists totally baffled”

  3. Fenrox says

    @R, great! Can you provide some peer reviewed studies for that? The ones we have are crappy and suspect (from the organizations involved in the testing to the methods of the testing).

    Sure I think we can all agree that the foreskin absolutely interacts with disease in a negative way (it’s sort of the foreskins job) but the rate is not so high that in any way circumcision is an acceptable answer. Mutilation is not a good “fix” to a situation that has an abundance of harmless fixes.

  4. Hagatha says

    I can only theorize that some gay men’s obsession with uncut penis has to do with same fetishization of third world men that they seem bent towards. Give me a pretty white man with a pretty penis over that jungle look any day.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “…Give me a pretty white man with a pretty penis over that jungle look any day.”

    Yes, and at your age you’d better have an envelope containing a hundred dollars to hand over to him before you taste his pretty thing.

  6. gary says

    Thanks for posting about Orlando’s Come Out with Pride. Unfortunately, I believe the Sentinel used last year’s footage! (insert surprise face here). It was a huge event and grows larger each year.

  7. TampaZeke says

    Interesting that the gay father didn’t seem to notice that the boys’ toys were so often geared toward producing good little soldiers, warriors, killers, fighters, etc. This gay father of sons noticed that right away. I get really tired of reading these sexism articles that only seem to notice sexism that negatively affects females. It’s ironic that so much of the sexism/gender conformity that heaped upon little boys (just as often by their mothers as by their fathers) is the very source of “chauvinism” that people complain about later.

  8. TampaZeke says

    @HAGATHA, your disgusting racism not withstanding, I find it odd that you consider an attraction to a natural penis a “fetish” but an attraction to a surgically altered penis isn’t.

  9. tinkerbelle says

    @ TAMPAZEKE—a very good point, on all counts.

    “Hagatha” so easily conjures up a particularly dreary troll, like something from the darkest side of Harry Potter (let’s stick to relative and immature material). Maybe better to ignore completely than entice with yet more derision (gobble, gobble)…

  10. Rick says

    Like all consumer products companies, toy companies market their products in a way that maximizes sales. If little boys really wanted toy ovens or dolls, rest assured they would market those products to them. Likewise, if little girls really wanted action figures, they would market those products to them.

    But they don’t. Because boys and girls are different. Because NATURE made them different. No matter how much the “gender-nonconformists”, feminists, and assorted liberals may hate it. And what scholarly studies have REALLY demonstrated is that these nature-induced differences in behavior between genders show up very early, often within months of being born–and that is reflected in the way they play and the kind of toys they like.

    So all this article demonstrates, I am afraid, is why gay men, with rare exceptions, should not be allowed to adopt male children, since there is such a high likelihood that they will create stress and difficulties for the boy when the boy tries to assert his nature and the gay “father” tries to discourage such behavior as “wrong” so as to impose his own twisted views of “gender non-conformity” on the child.

    Until gay men have actually taken on a true male identity and gotten rid of their anti-male mindset in the process, young boys should not be entrusted to them.

  11. Rick says

    “I can only theorize that some gay men’s obsession with uncut penis has to do with same fetishization of third world men that they seem bent towards. Give me a pretty white man with a pretty penis over that jungle look any day. ”

    You must not be very well-traveled. The vast majority of European men are NOT circumcised. In Germany, it is virtually unheard of and in the UK, it is rare.

    The only places in the world where circumcision is common are North America and the Islamic countries…..and Israel.


  12. Tyler says

    Rick, stop pretending you aren’t Hagatha. It’s already been well established that you two are the same troll. You’re not fooling anyone.

  13. Nat says

    The debate over circumcision is, as others have pointed out, more properly framed as a question of autonomy, rather than a question of necessity, because routine infant circumcision is obviously unnecessary. It is really about the extent to which others (e.g. parents) should be able to permanently modify someone else’s body without their consent.

    “Give me a pretty white man with a pretty penis over that jungle look any day. ”

    Circumcision rates have dropped precipitously in every Western country except for the United States and certain regions in Canada and Australia (though during my last visit to Germany, I was told that it had become somewhat of a trend, particularly in Berlin’s gay community). Even in the United States, the rate appears to be dropping.

  14. Ryan says

    You know what reduces the risk of HIV? Condoms. Circumcising people and then telling them that they’re now ‘protected against’ HIV seems like a recipe for disaster.

    If circumcision was really a boon to preventing HIV, the US would have among the lowest rates of HIV in the developed world and Europe and Japan would have the highest. It couldn’t be further from the truth.

    I’m not going to tell people not to get circumcised — people can do what they want — but the notion that it is any serious boon to preventing HIV, especially compared to cheap, easily available and nearly full proof methods that are available today, is just divorced from reality.

  15. tranquilo says

    “”Major studies support circumcision as prevention in Africa but a small yet vocal group argues the science is flawed.”

    In further news, most scientists agree that post-natal appendectomies prevent appendicitis, and therefore advocate permanently removing a part of the baby’s body, without consent, as a preventative measure.

  16. AJD says

    I was going to say the same thing as Ryan. The whole case for routine circumcision as a preventive measure against HIV/STDs falls flat when you actually look at HIV and STD infection rates in the US versus other countries.

    There are plenty of mitigating factors – such as route of transmission – but it’s plainly obvious that it’s doing nothing to protect people.

    It’s bad enough that a lot of cut American men appear to think that being cut makes them by default clean. I know this, having encountered far more foul-smelling crotches on cut American men than on uncut European, Asian and Latin men, the latter of whom know from an early age that proper cleaning requires that they pull back the skin and wash their penises and surrounding areas with soap and water.

  17. NYCer says

    Everyone has their preference. I prefer circumcised dicks. They look nicer and are cleaner. And for people to be SO passionate about this issue? Get a life and focus on some issue that really matters.

  18. Timmay says

    I’m cut. Most of my friends are too.

    When discussing the matter – did ANY of us feel pain or even remember our circumcision? NOPE. Are all of glad we are cut? YEP!

  19. AJD says


    Proper washing is what makes a penis clean, not circumcision. And given that most of the guys I’ve had sex with (and I’ve been with a lot) have been uncircumcised, I can say that men in cultures where circumcision is not the norm tend to be more meticulous about cleaning themselves down there than circumcised American men.

    You’re welcome to your preferences, but I think you underestimate the extent to which they’re a product of U.S. cultural norms resulting from decades of being told that circumcision is “clean” while the lack thereof is “dirty.” That’s important because while the pro-circumcision doctors quoted in the article say opposition to circumcision is all based on emotion, they’re no more immune to the influence of personal feelings and cultural attitudes.

    And many of us don’t comment on this because we don’t have lives. It’s because circumcision in this country is mostly done on orders from parents mindlessly following cultural norms on infants who have no say in the matter. You say you prefer guys to be circumcised, but I’ve met far more cut guys who wish they weren’t than uncut guys who wish they were.

  20. Randy says

    Even if mutilation works to reduce (not prevent) any disease, it’s a ludicrous option, when condoms work even better.

  21. simon says

    Vagina can be dirty too. Never heard of “cut vagina”. It has more to do with personal hygiene than being uncut.

  22. Andrew82 says


    What do you even mean by spontaneous sex?

    And why is it ok to lump all white guys into one category? When people do that to other races, everyone gets so bent outta shape and freak out. But it’s ok to do that to white guys?

    PS – we get it – your name is christopher allen horton

  23. Nat says


    Given the grossly disproportionate impact that HIV has had on ethnic and sexual minorities, as well as the very real near future of untreatable (i.e. post-antibiotic) STIs, I can’t imagine anything more obviously insane than a ‘bareback movement’.

  24. Tyler says

    Did the crazy, all-caps rant not tip y’all off to the fact that Christopher Allan Horton is a troll? Ignore him.

  25. DannyEastVillage says

    Vieques? I wouldn’t do it: a lot of weaponry and ammunition made of spent uranium was tested on Vieques. Don’t go unless you want to get really, really sick.

  26. Nat says

    Returning to circumcision:

    Cultural signifiers are important. My partner is a secular Jew, but I suspect there is a bitter fight down the road for us on whether our future sons (if we have any) will be circumcised. The question of autonomy is paramount, but in debating it with someone who supports routine infant circumcision, it is important to be calm and measured in the language chosen. Calling circumcision ‘mutilation’ is not the best method for winning over those to whom it is an indelible part of their identity.

  27. Mike Ryan says

    Circumcision stunts the growth of the penis and oftentimes, when too much is taken, forces the penis head to curve down or upward in an unnatural way. Want your penis to be as large as it possible can? Don’t get circumcised.

    I have five older brothers. All of whom were circumcised at birth. I was not. Same father, same mother but I have the bigger fatter penis by a good inch, flaccid and hard. One of my brothers was cut a little too “short” and he so embarrassed by the unnatural downward curl of his shaft that he refused to shower in the locker room and was the only brother to be a virgin on his wedding day. He afeared girls would be horrified. He is the only brother whose wife divorced him (but that may or may not have anything to do with the mutilation of his penis). My parents cannot apologize enough to him and my brothers.

    You want you penis to grow as naturally as possible so it reaches it full girth and length. Chopping off that foreskin will guarantee your penis never reaches its natural state.

  28. Hagatha says

    Derrick – The cost of living is lower in Florida. My last two mantoys were my lawn men.

  29. Hagatha says

    TAMPAZEKE – If you will check craigslist you will find that when foreskin status is mentioned it’s almost always in a request that the object have one. Rarely if ever do you see an ad specifying that the penis should be circumcised. That would establish the fetish with the natural (though not majority) condition.

  30. says

    Regarding the evidence pro- or con- for circumcision: the ONLY opinion that matters as that of the rational informed adult owner of the genitals.

    Foreskin feels REALLY good. Circumcision alters sex dramatically.

    Most of the US men who have died of AIDS were circumcised at birth. The US has three times the HIV incidence seen in mostly-intact Europe.

  31. Benjamin says

    The new ads are making it impossible to read your articles on iPad. I don’t mind ads and realize you must make money but please get some techies to fix this

  32. Winston says

    This is exactly why we can never have a productive discussion about circumcision. Rabid, ignorant comments from fanatics of both sides. Might I remind you people that study size and method are important, just because someone publishes something doesn’t mean it is the final word on the matter. (otherwise you’d all be hanging yourselves over the Regnerus study) Just because a study supports your belief system doesn’t mean it says what you want it to say, or that what it even says is automatically valid.

    No, circumcision doesn’t make sex unpleasant, otherwise there would be a LOT less overpopulation. I was circumcised as a teenager, I’ve had sex both uncut and cut, and there was no significant differences. Some things do change, like the location of the sensitive spots, but they don’t magically disappear. If you had bothered reading studies about neuroanatomy, you’d realize that the number of nerve endings don’t necessarily correspond to the magnitude pleasure or pain sensation.

    No, uncut penises aren’y automatically gross and dirty. It is true that a circumcised penis is easier to clean, and all things being equal will be cleaner than an uncircumcised penis after a few hours because the inner foreskin is fertile breeding ground for bacteria. But both are equally manageable with proper hygiene. If you’re a pig, you’re going to smell wether you’re cut or not.

    It is true that circumcision reduces HIV transmission, it’s only logical. But that doesn’t mean we should suddenly start promoting circumcision as an excuse to go bareback; the protection that circumcision provides is nowhere near that of a condom. People not in monogamous relationships (and without an acceptable period of testing) should not have bareback sex. Circumcised or not, use a condom. Period. That’s all there is to the matter.

    No, circumcision doesn’t magically cause your penis to be deformed and small. That’s a grossly ignorant suggestion. Circumcision, when done with proper technique and by a skilled doctor, will not cause pain, discomfort, or deformities. All surgeries carry a risk, of course, but in this case it is extremely small and easily mitigated by not being an idiot. A LOT of people get circumcised in unsterile conditions, for example, and people don’t seem to know how to choose a good doctor. It’s 2013 for god’s sake, research about the doctor and the medical center before you commit to a procedure.

    Do I agree that circumcision should be done on infants? No. Parental authority does not trump the patient’s autonomy. If someone is to be circumcised, let it be his own decision when he reaches the age that he can make his own informed decision. I feel the same way about ear piercings for little girls, to a lesser magnitude of course because ear piercings can be healed.

    Is circumcision a safe, viable procedure? Yes. Done properly and for the right reasons, circumcision will not magically remove pleasure from sex, it won’t deform and shrink your penis, and will not do all the nasty seizure-induced things that people with frothy foam in their mouths screaming at the top of their lungs tell you. It is, in most cases, a cosmetic procedure and should be treated as such, no better and no worse.

  33. Hagatha says

    Rick, I don’t do Germans or British… for completely different reasons. Naturally, I don’t do French either.

  34. jamal49 says

    Sorry, but there are ample film clips of Marilyn’s news conference and those have been around for years. These pics are nothing new. By the way, that news conference is painful to watch.

    As for circumcision, it’s a mutilation of the male sex organ and is a perversion. The “science” advocating male circumcision IS flawed. If a man is uncircumcised, he needs to know how to keep his glans clean. The failure to clean the glans allows for the accumulation of smegma which is an incubator for harmful bacteria. Washing the glans daily with soap and water is the best preventative. Circumcision is unnecessary. I am suspicious as to why circumcision is being pushed. There is a reason why nature has given men a foreskin. It is not so that religious perverts and misguided public health advocates can snip it off for their own self-aggrandizement.

  35. MikeinQueens says

    Vieques used to be a pretty cool place, off the beaten path, some of the best, isolated beaches in the world. I went there 3-4 times a year. There was always a conflict with the U.S. Navy, which controlled 2/3 of the island (the middle section was civilian only). Once the Navy pulled out it fell victim to real estate speculators and the Trendies. The locals got the shaft when the Navy was there and after the Navy left. It has now become very, very overpriced with lots of money being tossed around. The locals get very little of it and still get the shaft. It should be a hit with monied gays.

  36. Markt says

    When i was younger my cock would strectch so tight when i got hard that it hurt and even bled. I would call that a botched circumcision. From the age of 11 I wished that i had my foreskin for that reason. I would never allow my son to be circumcised. besides – it’s pretty,

  37. Jerry6 says

    The whole idea of circumcision was so Jewish Woman could tell if a man was a Jew or not before having sex with them.

  38. Sam says

    AND FINALLY: Arrow’s COLTON HAYNES is another one of Hollywood holdouts like Wentworth Miller that have consistently denied to the press of his personal life during the height of his career. As it must be respected…but an honest and truthful realization will occur all in due time.

  39. Bill Michael says

    This is old news. Dig just a little deeper and you’ll find that the circumcision studies in Africa are well known to be flawed. The United Nations representatives who sponsered the studies even admit that the studies are of no value. The only way to reduce the transmission of AIDS or other venereal disease is to use a condom. In the United States, the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics have both stated there is NO reason for routine neo-natal circumcision.

  40. Merv says

    Circumcision of anyone under the age of 16 or 18 should be illegal unless medically necessary. But, I have no problem if adults choose circumcision for disease prevention or any other reason.