1. AriesMatt says

    While these are fun video to watch, I have to imagine her staffers are really good actors. I mean, there’s a camera person with lighting in front of you the entire time. I imagine it being a lot more scary with nothing as a buffer. Next year, she should set up infrared cameras at key points in the house to get the true reaction one might experience.

  2. jason says

    I’m with you AriesMatt. What felt overly-produced and staged, really could have been hysterically funny. The staffers are in on the joke and playing it up to a camera a few feet from their face.

    But regardless, I really admire the programming Ellen brings to daytime TV. I commend her working hard and hiring brilliant writers and producers.

  3. johnny says

    Love the Ellen and all, but why doesn’t she do some of these things herself? Seems like she’s constantly living vicariously through her staff. Much rather see her getting the sh*t scared out of her than some unknown.

  4. Tony C says

    Ellen said at the end of the show , her costume was the outfit Niki wore to the show & I think malfunctioned but the stars were that horror house.. I laughed so hard

  5. Marc says

    Now THAT is how you portray someone of another race for Halloween. Stick to the outfit and the look. Leave the skin color alone. See, that was easy. Well done, Ellen. :-)

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