Freddie Prinze Jr.’s Shirtless Return To TV

FreddieThough absent from our screens both big and small for some time, Mr. Sarah Michelle Gellar is making his return to TV this month on Lifetime's The Witches of East End, according to E! Online. And, apparently, Prinze Jr. decided not to leave his shirt at home:

"He'll reportedly be playing Leo Wingate, "a gallant and sweetly shy entomologist who falls head over heels for Wendy Beauchamp (Madchen Amick)," according to EW. "The scholar is said to specialize in rare and exotic insects, and he soon begins to wonder whether Wendy is more interested in his body or his bugs. He is set to guest star in the fourth episode, with more episodes possible."

Prinze Jr.'s last stint on TV was as Cole Ortiz on 24. The episode of East End featuring Prinze Jr. will air October 27. He's also slated to guest star on the season premiere Bones. Whether or not he will be equally undressed on that show is anyone's guess. Will you be tuning in to welcome Freddie back to TV land?


  1. says

    He’s only 37?! He definitely looks much older. But it looks like he takes care of his body, poor bugger. Just bad genes, I suppose.

  2. jjose712 says

    He was so goodlooking when he was younger. Not that he is ugly now, he is not, but he looks older than his age. Of course it could be something for the role

  3. Dan says

    I must be gettin old, I remember when he was still fresh faced.. That is not a good shot of him.

  4. Beebs says

    He’s fine. Of course he was a doll when he was younger. I stopped paying attention when he married her. As far as the age number comparisons go, I always looked over 10 years younger than my age.
    In some cases I had to show my Driver’s License to prove it. Big Whoop…

  5. Icebloo says

    He and his awful wife are self absorbed Republicans. No amount of muscles can ever make that sexy !

  6. JWL says

    Looking very fine, and probably a lot better than a bunch of blog queens sitting on their fat snatches callin people old.

  7. Critifur says

    How’d he suddenly get so old looking. He must smoke. I am 45, and he is way more wrinkly. He is still good looking, it is just a shock.

  8. Red says

    I was wondering why he was MIA for so long. His father was so much better looking and far more talented.

  9. will says

    He’s two and a half years away from being 40. He looks fine. He’s sexy. All you queens are bitter and jaded and don’t like rugged authentic men. You want a Cher-equivalent of a man without character, without signs of aging. Go look at pics of 22 year olds who look 14! I’m sick of you guys.

  10. Ruddigore says

    Witches of East End is so mediocre and has such bad CGI that it may not last past its second episode. Freddie at 37 looks good (the lighting on the show is awful as well), but naked Madchen Amick at 42 looks fantastic.

  11. ratbastard says

    He’s a middle aged guy. You people are a trip. He looks fine. I personally am more attracted to less clean cut guys, but he looks fine.

  12. jarago says

    Oh you bitter queens- Mr Prinze Jr is still a fine looking man- he has aged very nicely- that’s a man not a boy.

  13. NotSafeForWork says

    @JWL “a bunch of blog queens sitting on their fat snatches” Spot on with this crowd. They always find something to complain about.

  14. AriesMatt says

    He looks better with age, imo. Very sexy.

    He was in the last season of 24 a few years back. Also, I like Witches of East End’s pilot a lot and thought the special effects were pretty good for TV. Lots of eye candy and some camp thrown in for fun. I’m a fan.

    Freddie joining in is just icing on the cake.

  15. Beebs says

    ICEBLOO: You won’t have sex with him because you think he’s a Republican? Gays let labels rule their lives today. How demented. Who are are you pleasing with that comment? Ariana Huffington?

  16. Jay says

    They’ve registered as Republicans in the past, but they supported Obama in 2008 with his wife saying she was “thrilled” that Obama won. They also spoke out against Prop 8, calling it “criminal.”

    But if it makes you feel better to hear something and run with it rather than doing a little research, by all means, continue to enjoy the anonymity in the comments sections of blogs and vent to distract yourself from your own miserable life. Good luck with that, too.

  17. says

    He looks better now then he did on his last TV show with Brian Austin Green. He was really gaining a lot of weight. So he has obviously started taking better care of himself.

  18. Buster says

    Thank God – I’ve gotten so sick of all those aggressive, rude entomologists on TV lately!

  19. Beebs says

    ICEBLOO: The only self activity you do is with your right and left hand. I know Republicans that would have you shooting all over the room. Lift the labels and live a little. You can’t worship Obama 24/7. You get nothing in return.

  20. bravo says

    I think he looks hot. I’d rather he let the chest hair grow, but I can kidnap him and ban the razor for a few weeks.

  21. FFS says

    I was considering checking out that show. This saved me from never being able to get that time back. Thanks, Towleroad.

  22. Mark says

    Aging very, very badly. And that “I just smelled a fart” expression doesn’t make him look any better.

  23. Jay says

    Aging badly? His face looks like a typical near-40 father with two very small children who’s probably had a bit too much sun exposure in the past but isn’t caving in to surgery, freezers, and fillers and isn’t even caving in to coloring his hair. His body shows that he still makes time for fitness, though.

    He looks real. How horrible! Quick! Someone send him to an injectionist so that he can fix that with a frozen pillow face!

  24. S says

    He looks great, not like some of those freakish queens you see at the bar. You will never ever look 25 again, no matter how much botox you use!!

  25. Kyle Michel Sullivan says

    I like Freddy Prinz, Jr. He’s always come across as a decent guy, and I’m glad he and SMG are still together and seem to be happy. As for his looks…man…just like a fine wine…hmm…maybe I should hope he and Sarah split up so I could go stalking…