Gay 2012 Congressional Candidate Richard Tisei Exploring 2014 Bid

Richard Tisei, a former Republican congressional candidate and state senate minority leader in Massachusetts, has released a statement announcing an exploratory committee for a 2014 congressional bid. Tisei, who is openly gay and married his husband, Bernie Starr in July, lost the 2012 election for the state's 6th district by less than one percentage point.

RichardtiseiThe statement from Tisei reads:

“Like most Americans, I have been deeply disturbed by the dysfunction we are witnessing in Washington.   The critical challenges facing our country have not diminished since 2012.  Rather, they seem to be getting worse. The hyper-partisanship exhibited by both parties on a daily basis has created a stranglehold on our government and is preventing us from moving forward.”

“We are a great country, but we clearly have reached a point where we need new leadership and a fresh start.  We need more responsible Republicans and fewer divisive Democrats in Washington who are willing to stop the name calling, put party aside, and begin to seriously work together to do what is right for America.”

“The creation of this committee will allow me to more actively explore a potential campaign for the 6th Congressional Seat in the 2014 midterm elections.  I hope to be able to make a formal announcement regarding my plans later this Fall.”


  1. Steve S. says

    Both parties are NOT hyper partisan. If democrats hadn’t done the grown up thing and voted to increase the debt limit, republican intransigence would have forced federal government into default.

    You can’t be part of the solution if you can’t even identify the problem.

  2. Icebloo says

    He sounds like an idiot. I hope he loses. How can ANY gay person be a Republican – it is CRAZY ! If he is that far detached from reality then he will not make effective politicians. We already have too many idiots like him in Washington DC.

  3. Kevin says

    Sorry,your being gay isn’t enough to make me vote for you.
    As for being a member of the Republican party,he’s like Carl Dimeo,Tammy Bruce,Richard Grenell and Peter Thiel among others.
    They have enough $$ to where pesky things like wills,POA’s etc are easy to get.

  4. candideinnc says

    Being gay is NOT sufficient for my vote. What possible self respect can this man have to hang out with a bunch of homophobes who have done everything in their power to make his life and mine a hot bowl of sh*t? Anyone whop votes for him that is gay is an idiot.

  5. TampaZeke says

    No, we actually need fewer divisive Republicans and fewer responsible Republicans even though they could be more responsible before we throw them out!

  6. says

    How can this man look at himself and take no responsibility for association with a political party whose members support policies that lead to thousands of LGBT deaths and hundreds of thousands of young LGBT homeless.
    Never. Not in this lifetime.

  7. MikeBoston says

    Tisei is lucky that those activist judges on the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court made it possible for him to marry his same sex partner in their own state. Of course, he is also lucky that there were sufficient activist judges on the US Supreme Court such that he and his husband can enjoy all of the federal benefits that go with marriage.

    Sadly, he doesn’t seemed bothered that his party platform would strive to make that all illegal.

    The hypocrisy, it burns!

  8. whitneyisadude says

    Like hell I’m going to vote for a gay republican. It’s almost worse than a regular (straight, white, Christian, cisgendered,male) republican because you have to be at least 10x as delusional than the avg neocon to be a minority and a Republican.

  9. EdA says

    I agree with Richard Tisei that we need more responsible Republicans in Congress. What we DON’T need are more Republicans in Congress, even if they’re responsible.

    Conceded all the Republicans in the Mass. State Senate could fit comfortably in a Ford Escort, Tisei’s record as minority leader was singularly undistinguished. I’m happy for him and his husband that they got married over the summer, but what makes him think that he would have any acceptance, let impact, in a party that wasted millions of dollars in efforts to keep him and his husband from having the same rights as straight people — and who remain committed to deprive women of the right to choose and to depriving millions of Americans of access to health care?

    I have no idea why any self-respecting gay person would vote Republican, and certainly it would make no sense for any gay person to increase the hold of the Teatotalitarians on our government and our way of life. I wish Richard Tisei the best in the private sector, but he has less than nothing to offer as a congressperson.

  10. EricD. says

    That was an interesting little story until he said “devisive democrats” in Washington. That’s goin’ over like a lead balloon. Save your money honey.

  11. DC Insider says

    Richard is a blathering idiot. I’ve known him for years, and he’s basically as dumb as a doorknob. Terrific guy, very nice, but not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  12. Perry says

    I love how so many drink the Kool-Aid and think that democrats are lilly white and aren’t part of the problem. lol I guess all that Kool-Aid drinking makes you willfully ignorant or sadly naïve that both parties are at fault for the nonsense going on in Congress.

  13. Perry says

    And I also love how the same Democrats that are being lauded as being “adults” now for raising the debt limit were the same “adults” that under the Bush administration voted against raising the debt limit. I guess it isn’t hypocrisy. ha

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