1. Amen says

    Jordan said a lot of things I’ve felt myself, from the despair and fear of loneliness to the joy and blessings of love. What a wonderful world this can be.

  2. Gigi says

    Congratulations gentlemen! My man and I have been together for close to 25 years. Still not married but after seeing this, and the Modern Family episode of Cam and Mitchell proposing to one another, we might just do it on our 25th anniversary.

  3. Mark says

    So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is LOVE.


  4. jamal49 says

    These videos are so moving. I am glad that I have seen these things come to pass in my lifetime for I never thought I would. AMEN, I agree. What a wonderful world this can be! I might add, if only we would just let it be.

  5. bandanajack says

    it is seeing the families standing with the couples and participating joyfully in the ceremonies that just undoes me. so many of the daring couples that made vows in the past made them to virtually empty rooms, and without significant family members present before but would not be deterred so that we might have these gatherings celebrating the finding of love, a miracle in these times.

  6. Truthy says

    Wow… surprised to see these two together getting married. I recently slept with both (on different occasions.) Interesting. Very interesting.

  7. xael says

    maybe after sleeping with you they realized that they were better off together

    and i think they look great!!

  8. Turings Ghost says

    I’ve been with my husband for 34 years but married for only 6. I didn’t think marriage was important until my ceremony. Even after all the years, I still cried. Congratulations to these two. Marriage changed my life as well.

  9. Dave says

    Love, commitment, stability, kindness, and caring. That’s what brings happiness. That’s what this is about. Beautiful.

    +10 points for the officiant in a kilt.

    -2 points for the crying baby.

    +1000 points for Devon’s beautiful vows.

    – Infinity points because now I will never be able to marry Devon.

  10. DMP says

    @Truthy, I have sex on occasion with a couple (separately and together) that recently got married. I don’t doubt for a second that they love each other and that their bond is real. We are adult gay men and we are able to separate sex and love. We also don’t take cheap shots at others.

  11. TRUTHIER says

    Wait, why are we dignifying TRUTHY’s claim, again? He’s obviously full of it.

    Oh no, wait, maybe guys who randomly have affairs with married people – somehow both, which is statistically improbable at best – DO brag about it on online message boards.

    Or maybe TRUTHY is looking for attention, and we’re all taking the bait.

  12. Eddie in OKC says

    Hubby and I had a ceremony in ’97. This NYE we will make it legal, with our besties – a double ring ceremony, if you will. I echo the sentiment that knowing it will be legal, even if not in our home state, is bringing unexpected senses of joy. I never thought it would happen.

  13. Frederick says

    @TRUTHY – some advice: you should have said “I slept with one of them,” or left the “(on separate occasions)” bit out.

    See, the goal is to use your own insecure narcissism and jealousy to drive apart people you’ve never met. Well, saying the “both” bit will ring as false to each of the husbands, and adding “separately,” while an attempt to plant seeds of doubt in both guys’ minds, only makes your claim seem more bizarre and desperate.

    If you just said you slept with [pick a name], then yeah, maybe the other guy would be unnerved.

    That is, if either of them had the time in their happy, married lives to read message board comments from unattractive, envious trolls.

  14. Urbane says

    Nicely done Frederick. If we were required to post real pics of ourselves here my guess is that Truthy would not be contributing comments.

  15. I wont grow up says

    What a beautiful video, such wonderful vows. After over 35 years, through 10 different moves (the military ya’ know), 6 different cats, a kidney transplant, the deaths of three parents and countless other trials and tribulations, I’m still with the man I fell in love with so loooong ago. We certainly don’t need that piece of paper or the ceremony to confirm or validate our feelings, BUT it sure would be nice to see the government I fought for and bled for have the decency to say I’m a full citizen. Let’s hope Pennsylvania and all 50 states say it’s about love and nothing else.
    We’ve taken baby steps, now it’s time to leap forward.

  16. bcarter3 says

    @Sargon Bighorn — Truthy, don’t confuse sex with love. You have masturbation fantasies, they have love.


  17. daniel oneil says

    Just got married in California on Monday. City of my birth, and such a great moment for us who have been together in Oregon for 16.5 years. Wonderful experience to have the government say we are welcome, worthwhile, and equal!!!
    These guys are great,and I admire so much for their candid sharing of what I have dreamed of for so long. -Daniel


    At this very moment I still very much feel the same way that Jordan described at the beginning of his vows. This makes me so hopeful about the future, though.

    Where is my guy who laughs when people fall down?

    Thank you for this video celebrating your love!

    [[PS: Who cares what kind of sex they are into with whomever else besides each other? This is about a commitment in the way they want it to be, the terms are up to them!]]

  19. rK says

    So humbling and so beautiful. Congratulations to both and much love and joy for a life together.

  20. Hawthorne says

    I have watched a number of gay wedding videos, but this one by far is the most moving of all. Someone was crying major tears watching this. (Me!) Best wishes, guys! May your lives together be long, happy, and full of love always. Thank you so much for sharing your day and your story with us. Thank you most of all, truly, most of all, for showing that it is possible that love can happen and one can find his true love.