GOP Candidate For New Jersey’s General Assembly Confronted with Homophobic Past


John Campbell Jr., a Republican running for New Jersey's General Assembly representing the 22nd District, has come under fire for his homophobic actions while he was in high school. After he announced his candidacy on social media, he received a less than favorable post from a former classmate, Raphael Eidus, who claims the now twenty-three year old targeted him while they were in high school together because Raphael is bisexual. PolitickerNJ reports:

“Mr. Campbell is a homophobe,” Eidus wrote of the Republican
businessman from Plainfield. “I went to high-school with John in Edison
NJ (the Wardlaw-Hartridge School). In our senior year I came out of the
closet as bisexual. At this point John began harassing me and even led a
group of his friends to harass me at every possible chance. He even
went out of his way to make sure that I suffered on a daily basis.”

Campbell was captain of the tennis team.

I came out every practice began with a stretch with our coach then the
team would jog around the school led by the team captain John,” Eidus
claimed. “After I came out, halfway through the jog, John stopped the
team for a second stretch so that, out of the eyes of any faculty, he
could lead his friends in homophobic taunts and even some minor physical
assaults on me. To clarify the physical assaults were throwing tennis
balls at me and making comments along the lines of "he likes balls in
his face". This is minor and no physical damage was done, only mental.”

wrote that if he did not go on the team jog, he would be kicked off the
team, and claims Campbell made sure that he had to endure the
punishment every day simply because he wasn't straight.

“At the
time John was 18. Since then multiple of the student[s] who harassed me
reached out and apologized, John never did,” Eidus wrote.

When asked to respond to Eidus's allegation, Campbell's response was only to say that he did not remember the incident in question:

“I'm being asked to recall something that happened when I was in high
school, seven-eight years ago,” said the Republican candidate. “I don't
remember the incident.  As captain of the tennis team, I was expected
to exhibit leadership at all times.  If I made anyone feel as if they
were less than at any point and didn't step up as a leader, I

Asked to comment on the response, Eidus objected to
Campbell’s recollection of the time frame, claiming it happened five
years ago, but added no further elucidation of the event he alleged

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  1. Gruntled says

    He can’t remember bullying someone? It was that insignificant to him? That’s his best defense?

  2. AD says

    I can imagine no better way to get back at a bully. Hit them were it hurts. Right? No way to tell whether it’s true or not however.

  3. patrick says

    Oh, he remembers alright. So we can add confirmed liar to his resume. I swear every republican now turns out to be the absolute scum of the earth.

  4. sfjerry says

    Man talk about playing the victim. The gay accusing him of bullying needs to get a life.
    I certainly don’t want to be held accountable for anything I said in high school.

  5. says

    Echoes of Mitt Romney and his bullying past, which he also conveniently claimed not to remember. The thing to do now is to track down some of the other perpetrators, the ones who have apologized, and get them to talk about Campbell’s actions.

    Plus this doesn’t sound like a single “incident,” but an ongoing campaign of bullying and harassment. Yet another GOP POS with a very convenient memory loss.

  6. Jack M says

    I think that kids in high school have enough awareness to know if they are being cruel to others or not, so yes, I certainly do think people should be held accountable for what they do in high school. Youth is not a free pass for bullying, not at all!

  7. disgusted american says

    ..I bet he’d have NO problem remembering someone calling him the N word tho 7-8yrs ago…..he’s a typical GOP uncle Tom LIAR!

  8. adamth says

    I could understand this if the guy was 83 now – sort of – but he’s only 23? Some people are just born on the wrong side of history, while others seem to run to the wrong side of history and embrace it.

  9. johny says


    At 18, you are legally allowed to vote. You’re no longer a child. Anything you do at that point, you do as a man.

    This a**hole has a convenient memory.

  10. Gigi says

    I was a bully as a kid. Something I’m not proud of but there you go. That was who I was at that time. I remember EVERY incident of bullying that I participated in, and they occurred more than two decades ago. Mittens used the same “I can’t remember” excuse when confronted with his homophobic past. I didn’t believe it then and I don’t believe it now.

  11. jjose712 says

    sfjerry: Why? so he must endure the bullying and just shut up.
    No way.

    Campbell’s answer is pretty bad (he needs to learn a lot if he wants to be a polititian). There are several options, deny the facts, say that it was true but he was stupid back then and apologize, or telling his own version of the events if what Eidus said is not accurate.

    Saying that you don’t remeber the incident implies that there’s a positibility it really happens but or you have really bad memory (5 years is not that much specially if what Eidus said is true and this happened a lot of times) or that you bully too many people in high school to remember a single incident.

    And Eidus is right on saying this, if the guy is an homophobe is good to know it before vote.

  12. 1♥ says

    This does explain why he’s running as a Republican. So typical of the right to be bullies.

    And to SFJERRY, I’m sure you don’t believe you should be held accountable for anything you did yesterday either.

  13. candideinnc says

    Unsurprisingly, the Republican is a liar as well as a bully. By saying he can’t remember being a bully, he is admitting he could have been. I know for a fact that I was never cruel like him when I was younger. Only a conscienceless assh*le would be able to forget such a thing.

  14. FakeName says

    If his memory doesn’t extend back as far back as high school then he lacks the mental faculties to hold public office.

  15. Bill says

    “Doesn’t remember”. How convenient. I use that excuse all the time too when I’m trying to deny or get out of a shameful, embarrassing incident from my past. (Rarely works.)

  16. Perry says

    This guy must be a racist. He has to be since anyone who disagrees with President Obama is called that. Yeah. This guy is a just a racist in his accusations.

  17. shamshamehshame says

    Oh pile on. His mealy-mouthed ‘I can’t remember verbally and physically assaulting this kid…’ make me loathe this idiot.

    Good for this man to stand up to this bully and abuser. He belongs in rehab not public office.

  18. jjose712 says

    Perry:; If you are not a 5 year old you must try harder, because that level of demagogy is simply childish

  19. Perry says

    It is about as childish when opponents of Obama are called racist for disagreeing with his policies. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

  20. Sean Maloney says

    This guy can’t even get basic math, right and he expects to be a leader in a NJ community? Maybe he’s the one who’s taken too many balls to the head.

  21. Mike Ryan says

    What a punk. A bigoted little Republican punk. Here’s hoping the people of New Jersey are smart enough to avoid electing such a bigot.

  22. Jonathan says

    @Perry, if you’d like to see an example of racism in this situation, @endora’s comment comes closest. Calling the President a radical Muslim from Kenya is racist. No one called, for instance, obstructing his crowning domestic policy achievement racism. That’s just short sighted stupidity.

  23. Joseph Singer says

    So, according to SFJerry it’s perfectly OK to bully someone in school provided enough years go by to satisfy SFJerry, eh? You’re not much better than the bully. You would likely be singing an entirely different tune if it was *you* who was being bullied. It’s always easy when it happens to someone *else.*

  24. Endora says

    JONATHAN it is a perfectly reasonable question. If Campbell is Republican then he holds certain views. If for example he is opposed to affirmative action but attended school on an affirmative action tuition subsidy, then that would be quite telling. Would it not? Campbell’s parents could afford the tuition.. I’m wondering if they paid it. That’s all.

  25. Endora says

    BTW JONATHAN , you can call me a racist if you like. It doesn’t bother me and it makes you look foolish.

  26. Derrick from Philly says

    .@” If Campbell is Republican then he holds certain views. If for example he is opposed to affirmative action but attended school on an affirmative action tuition subsidy, then that would be quite telling. Would it not?”

    What of it? Don’t you adore Clarence Thomas?

    Rick/David Hagatha Hearne, if you change you posting name one more f.cking time I’ll have you hunted down and castrated. I’m not playing.

  27. Bob R says

    I have an idea this may only be the tip of the iceberg. I’m sure other personality defects will be exposed.

  28. Cam says

    When they don’t want to lie and say they didn’t do it…in case there is video or more witnesses, they lie and say “I do not recall”.

  29. walter says

    he knows that why is only response was i don’t remember the incident . besides who cant’ remember how long ago he was captain of the tennis team. also he never said he wouldn’t be a bully just doesn’t remember the incident

  30. ToThePoint says

    Just another f*cking lying repug with no remorse for what he did. He should be locked up like ALL homophobes. Just like they want us locked up. I hope the people can see his as*holiness and runs his as* out of town. I HATE F*CKING LIARS AND THERE SHOULD BE A LAW AGAINST IT. There needs to be a line drawn when it comes to “freedom of speech”.

  31. Jenny 0 says

    Dear Perry; Opponents of Obama gleefully laugh as they Re-Play “Barrack The Magic negro” on nation-wide Republican-fed talk Radio. Even your Messiah Rush LimpBalls played it again and again and again.

    I bet you Luuuuv That song. Doncha? **wink**

    So yes, Obama’s opponents ARE RACIST…they just happen not to like his policies.

    And yes, you are a lying sack of Shiite.


    Oh Mommy, look, another Pussy Troll from the GOP!

  32. Reality says

    Who is surprised this Republican troll is homophobic? I can remember A LOT from high school and would certainly remember if I harassed someone or not… and I’m older than this troll. I hope he loses miserably

  33. Michael says

    I was faced with a similar scenario in 2012 when my homophobic high school bully was one of two democratic nominees for our State Legislature. Thankfully, he became the first Democrat to lose in that district since the Great Depression. He has already begun advertising for 2014, and I plan to step up my opposition.