Greg Louganis And Johnny Chaillot Marry


The two were married in Malbu last night.

"It was amazing because I have so many people from all facets of my life here tonight and they are all here and celebrating it is all wonderful," Louganis told People immediately following the sunset ceremony. "I already feel different. The ceremony was so reflective and representative of who we are." 

Congrats, guys!


  1. AriesMatt says

    Greg is a lucky guy. Johnny is a real sweetheart and has become better looking with age. Congrats to the handsome couple!

  2. EG says

    Better looking with age! That’s the highest compliment. I wonder how he’ll look in 100 years?

  3. JoseRVG says

    Congratulations to the happy couple. I always though that if I got married I would wear a black suit, but damn, those white suits look nice…

  4. Leroy Laflamme says

    The original silver fox! Congratulations & many years of love & happiness to you both.