Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Chapter Under Investigation for Rejecting Pledge Because He’s Gay

Alpha Iota, the Morgan State University chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, is under investigation at Morgan State University for rejecting Brian Stewart, who pledged the fraternity because his pastor and mentor from his youth was a member.

StewartStewart is gay, and that's the reason he was rejected he says, a fact he discovered when a friend showed him some anti-gay online banter between two frat brothers, the Baltimore Sun reports:

Brian Stewart said he dreamed of joining Morgan's chapter of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity and thought members would be impressed by his academic accomplishments — Stewart said he was a White House intern — but he was rejected the day after his interview.

He believes it is because of his sexual orientation, citing social-media messages using an anti-gay slur that someone sent him and told him were between fraternity members.

"I couldn't even be angry because I was so hurt," he said.

Added Stewart: "I didn't know I was going to have no control — that my interview meant nothing, my achievements meant nothing, because they had already made up their minds."

Neither Kappa Alpha Psi's national organization nor the local chapter would comment on the story. Stewart says he is no longer interested in pledging the fraternity but filed the complaint to raise awareness about the bigotry he experienced.


  1. JP says

    I’m in one of the 5 black fraternities and ironically…the gay men in the organizations are upset with the guy who got rejected. I’m a bit shocked to see this here though. I guess the story couldn’t be contained.

  2. Jason B says

    That sucks but a pledge can be kept out for something as inane as a brother doesn’t like your teeth. If they don’t want you in their private club you probably don’t want to be in it. A fraternity should mostly be a place you feel your going to be comfortable and truly find friends that can last a lifetime.

    Most national fraternities have adopted inclusive policies that include sexual orientation. Doesn’t mean the local chapter won’t find another reason to keep you out.

  3. GMB says

    Brian, if you’re reading, BRAVO to you for your bravery! So glad you spoke out. You are a smart, successful, gorgeous man who will go on to very good things, I am sure.

    And yes, I’m sure it’s possible that you were rejected for other reasons, but people decided to use anti-gay slurs while discussing it — god knows there’s gay-on-gay hating going on where people start using the ‘f word’ to diss someone — but your gut knows when you’ve been discriminated against, and I’m glad you’re trusting your gut here. Keep raising your voice!

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