Olympic Flame Met With Protest In Athens Over Russian Anti-Gay Laws

(twitter Vivian Efthimiopoulou)

On Saturday, a throng of people gathered to protest Russia's anti-gay propaganda laws as the Olympic flame made its way through Athens, Greece. The protest was reportedly peaceful.

The AP reports:

The activists sat on the steps of the Acropolis Museum, with some holding rainbow flags, while others held a banner reading "Homophobia is not in the Olympic Spirit" and "Love is not Propaganda."

Police presence was light and there were no incidents.

The official handover ceremony will take place later Saturday.

This protest could precede an arduous journey for the flame. Where else will it be met with outcry about Russia's recent legislation? 


  1. Kyle says

    This is a very good idea! Peaceful protests like this for the entire journey of the flame so that the protest’s press coverage drowns out the regular flame journey press coverage. And you can bet that the media would find the protest more enticing to cover than the boring flam! :)

  2. FFS says

    Good for them. Keep the pressure on.

    Is it too much to hope that one of the torch bearers might have an opportunity to shove it straight up Putin’s go-go hole?

  3. Jerry6 says

    @PETER: The World has not become worse since Gay Rights, it is just that the Press in now reporting on more of the anti Gay activity than previously because we are now VISIBLE, and OPEN in society.

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