1. Geoff says

    The idea of “turbo-charging” the eventual outcome is great!! Just hope it doesn’t take too heavy an emotional toll on those couples who may have to wait. That’s a personal decision, though. Keep the pressure up, I say!!

  2. Will says

    Andy, these video ads that come up automatically need to go.

    Very distracting from the story I was trying to listen to. I turn it off and it keeps coming back on. Pleeeeeeese get rid of these!!! UGH.

  3. t says

    Christie is a liar, a bully, a cheat, a hypocrite…a psychopath

    $24 million for a senatorial election 3 weeks before Nov 5 to prevent any possibility of booker helping buono’s numbers

    plus 18.5% increase in property taxes since he took office

    I wish to god the dnc–and Obama–would support this woman

  4. Joseph Singer says

    You’re out of luck Will. Andy has determined that he needs to monitize his site and if that means putting 100 videos all over the site with popup ads that is what he’s going to do.

  5. says

    While Governor Christie wisely withdraws his appeal of the gay marriage ruling, protesters in NJ still cry how “unlawful gay marriage is in the eyes of God” harking back to a less enlightened time when the notion of gay marriage was inconceivable. Take a look