1. Paul B. says

    I am completely disappointed in you Thomas. I thought you had more integrity than this. Donald Trump is anti-gay. He proved this while running for President. Russia is violently anti-gay and for all your “courageous” words on how you can fight from within, just remember, they would rather spit on you or throw you in jail for how you live your life. As a gay man who has fought for decades for equality here in the United States, I say shame on you!

  2. Mike Ryan says

    Thomas Roberts certainly thinks highly of himself, that he is above others and that he can do something others cannot do. As noted above he is clueless. Thomas Roberts is also a media whore who will do anything/everything to get his name in lights. It’s one thing to be altruistic but it is another to be a complete fool and in this case, Robert is a complete fool. My respect for the man has dropped to the gutter.

  3. gr8guyca says

    My question is, why is he hosting a beauty pageant at all?

    If he wants to be taken seriously as a newsman, anchor, and journalist, then he shouldn’t take a role as an entertainer. The host of a beauty pageant is closer to being a game show host than a news anchor.

    When there are so many talking heads on the air, it becomes even more important that those who wish to be taken seriously, act that way.

    Would Walter Cronkite or Edward R. Murrow host a beauty pageant?

  4. Reggie777 says

    Oh my. Not only is it a matter of going to Russia, it is also a matter of associating with the likes of Trump, a birther, a bigot, and a bagger, of the “tea” type. Sorry Mr. Roberts. But you just went down in my humble estimation. You know what they say… you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

  5. Reggie777 says

    Oh my. Not only is it a matter of going to Russia, it is also a matter of associating with the likes of Trump, a birther, a bigot, and a bagger, of the “tea” type. Sorry Mr. Roberts. But you just went down in my humble estimation. You know what they say… you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

  6. PepeSF says

    I’m a big fan of Mr. Roberts, but I have to agree, this is a double-punch of bad moves. I could almost (almost!) buy the idea of his going to Russia to educate himself and learn how to better report on the terrible goings-on there, but associating with, promoting the business of, and getting paid by Donald Trump shows a tremendous lack of integrity. C’mon, Thomas, you still have time to fix this.

  7. Gigi says

    Johnny Weir said he would go and compete because he’d work “really hard,” so basically FU. While Roberts seems to have put a great deal of thought behind his decision, I’m still not in agreement. At least with all of the blow back he’s gotten lots of people talking about the situation in Russia.

  8. CVP says

    Equal rights are not privileges, Thomas. They are just that, rights. Don’t get it twisted. Next thing you know, he’ll be referring to sexual orientation as a “lifestyle.” He truly is nothing more than a “talking head.”

  9. John says

    So no one is suppose to go to Russia at all now? I thought it was just an Olympics boycott to put economic pressure on Russia who would lose money and have their big moment ruined while the whole world is watching.

    I would imagine that Russia saying “No gays allowed” would be reason to go because that would be the subversive thing to do. I imagine welcomes a gay boycott the country since they don’t seem to want any gays there at all. Russia doesn’t care why you’re not there so long as you’re not there. Why exactly does anyone think complying with what Russia wants is a good or effective strategy?

    Imagine how very different the civil rights movement would have turned out if blacks had boycotted the Woolsworth lunch counter instead of staging sit-ins.

  10. Kevin says

    All the respect I had for him is gone.
    I heard there will be shakeups soon and he could possibly be out of a job.
    Thus this could be a gig for his next job as a show host.
    I will also say this though,he IS putting himself at risk so I will give him that.
    But at the end of the day,I can’t look at him the same way again.

  11. Sean says

    I wish he could express himself better and more clearly. Frankly, I have no idea what he’s trying to say. I’m not sure what ‘hypocrisy’ he’s referring to.

    If he doesn’t speak out against Russian homophobia while he’s there, then he’s just an opportunistic, self-serving grand-stander.

    It’s an odd day when Andy Cohen is coming off as principled.

  12. excy says

    I will be interested to see if Roberts donates his entire fee to an LGBT organization in Russia fighting for the right to live their lives openly and free of violence and opression……….but I won’t be holding my breath.

  13. says

    If he understands the hypocrisy, why’s he going? It would be one thing if he were going to report on the lives of LGBT Russians. But he’s going on behalf of Donald Homophobe Trump to collect a beauty pageant paycheck.

  14. Jollysocks says

    I’m sure a Jew going to Nazi Germany circa 1934 in order to convince Hitler to stop being such a meanie would have stopped the Holocaust too. Roberts is an idiot and his paycheck’s written in blood.

  15. jake says

    I don’t understand the outrage on this. He goes there and show that he’s a respectable and professional man — not the boogeyman they make gay people out to be. He also bring the discussion back to LGBT oppression across the globe. With a straight host, this wouldn’t be a story. But with Roberts going, it’s becomes a story again.

    He’s not visiting for pleasure. I think there is a difference here. He’s shedding a light.

  16. Perry says

    What he will never actually admit to: 1) he is doing it for the money, and 2) he is doing it to advance his career by having his name out there.

    His whole statement that he is going there to show that as a gay man he is just a normal person presumes that he thinks the vast majority of the audience has any idea who the hell he is. (ego much?)

    He is not doing for any altruistic reasons. If he proclaims on stage that he is gay and married to a man, then I will say I was wrong, but he isn’t going to do that.

  17. GB says

    Discussed with the “husband??” You wouldn’t have a husband if you lived in Russia. You might think you’re making history, but you’ll actually be making the wrong history. Good luck fool.

  18. Kyle says

    He may actually believe the horse manure that he is shoveling. Maybe he should take another naked pic of himself while he is in Russia and post it on a hookup site like he has done in the past.

  19. Rob Sevinson says

    It’s called being an opportunist. That’s Thomas Roberts. Has been for years. It’s not based on exposing or uplifting any lack of rights, its about what Thomas can get. While he has gotten exposure from his coming out and using that as a base to garner new fans and sympathies, Thomas hasn’t achieved the heights he wants. The hosting of this garbage helps get him more coverage. And to work with Trump?

    Thomas is nothing more than an Uncle Tom. Name suits.

  20. Shannon says

    It would be rather a misfortune if he can’t make it to Moscow. At least to show Russian what’s a handsome and confident host from U.S who also happens to be a gay man!

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