Speaker Of Russian Duma Invites Members Of European Parliament To Moscow’s Gay Clubs


Speaking at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) in Strasbourg, France on Tuesday, Russian State Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin attempted to refute the charge that Russia's anti-gay laws negatively impact the rights and freedoms of gay Russians. Naryshkin suggested that one need only make a trip to Moscow's gay clubs to see that the rights of those with "non-traditional sexual orientations" are protected, as Rapsi News reports:

“We have a lot of accomplished people here with non-traditional
sexual orientation. They succeed in business, art and any creative
sphere… They have the right to safe recreation in Moscow and other
Russian cities. There are a lot of gay clubs. I personally have not been
in one, but word goes around that people have a good time there,”
Naryshkin said during a PACE session.

“If you want confirmation on this, I invite you to come to Moscow.
Sadly, I won’t be able to go with you, but I will definitely take care
of you,” the State Duma speaker added. The speaker stressed that the
people with non-traditional sexual orientations enjoy the same volume of
rights as people with traditional sexual orientations.

Naryshkin also stressed Russia's conservative roots, explaining that the country has "retained Orthodox values, including the
traditional family," according to RT.com. In a further attempt to make clear how Russia's gay propaganda law does not limit or violate the rights of gay Russians, but instead only protect children, Naryshkin stated: "If you can’t cross the road at a red light, that does not
mean that you cannot walk down the streets."


  1. Will says

    Naryshkin also stressed Russia’s conservative roots, explaining that the country has “retained Orthodox values, including the traditional family,”

    Traditional family, my ass – Russia has one of the highest rates of divorce, single mother families and legal abortion for all.

  2. patrick says

    Just as was stated previously when these supposed gay bar stories suddenly appeared in the media: Russia is using them for propaganda purposes to avoid economic consequences related to it ever more severe anti-gay laws.


    In his mind he is trying to be insulting while playing the “we are so smart” card : “Hey, I won’t go to those filthy places where pukey things are performed by God knows what kind of derailed creatures, but you are free to go and enjoy your depravity if you are so worry about them.” And their message again is: “We just don’t want THAT to contaminate our Sacred Orthodox Russian people with the notion that those things are normal or acceptable, just let us be in our bubble.”

  4. Bill says

    And this is the country where the deranged Russian monk Rasputin had so much influence with the Tsar that the nobility had Rasputin assassinated (which was none too easy – he was physiologically not easy to kill).

    Rasputin’s most memorable quote: “In order to repent, one must truly sin.” And after one of his binges of boozing and womanizing, the massive hangover made him truly sorry – for the moment.

  5. FFS says

    Hold a gun to his head, strip him naked, abuse and degrade him before using a baseball bat to cram a beer bottle into his rectum.

    Then, ask him how well the anti-gay policies of the Russian government are working out.

  6. jumpjump says

    Rasputin was never deranged or evil. You have fallen into the trap of trusting the Anglo account of this person. He was a proponent for equal rights for the Jews and a fierce opponent of the war.

    The latter is the reason that the British hated him. They expected Russia to stay in a suicidal alliance, and Rasputin’s influence with the Russian Empress jeopardized that. Unfortunately Russia’s history in the West was written by its enemies.

  7. CMCalifornia says

    Misleading, deceptive, contradiction, since we read Elton John is unwelcome, the Russian Orthodox Church attacks Stephen Fry, and other American celebrities are declining any invitations to visit or perform in Russia. We need an international tribunal to report on the treatment of gay people in Russia, and not assume any state-controlled remarks are truthful.

  8. Bill says

    @jumpjump: I said he was deranged. Faith healers typically are. I also said he was assassinated, which is true. I never said anything about him being “evil”, unless you think that getting plastered is evil as opposed to unhealthy.

  9. Bill says

    I think we should make the Duma a counter offer. Let’s invite them to a tour of the San Francisco Armory, now occupied by a video company calling itself kink.com. We’ll have the Duma participate in some of the films too – if anyone deserves to be flogged, they do.

    To keep the Duma company, let’s thow in the House Republicans. They deserve to be flogged as well, albeit for a different reason.

  10. Tom in Lazybrook says

    I say we say “we accept”. We will start our tour in the Gay bar in St Petersburg that was attacked by pistol brandishing policemen in full uniform who went into the club and started beating the patrons and employees senseless (no prosecutions occurred of the police). We will then move on to Moscow, where we will visit the Gay bar where last October neo-Nazi thugs invaded a Gay bar holding a “coming out party”. We’ll ask why there have been no arrests in that matter to. Next – on to Novosibirsk, where we will visit the site of the Gay Film Festival that was attacked by neo-Nazis in full view of the police there (and where the police arrested none of the attackers, but rather closed down the private event). Next – on to lovely Rostov, where a bar was threatened with closure if it hosted the pansexual Ukranian band Kazaky.

    That would make for a very representative itinerary for the MEP’s and the world’s media. And it would put to a final rest any Russian credibility to their lie that “Gay Russians are free to do as they please in private”

  11. says

    This is an old talking point of the Russian right: supposedly Moscow has more gay clubs than any other European city.

    Here’s the list:

    10 clubs, 5 cafe-bars, 5 saunas.

    Most of these are unmarked and hidden. Though some are big and popular, they usually have a closed door and you have to buzz to get in.

    But the policy is totally “bread and circuses.” We allow you your fun in clubs (because that makes money), but don’t think about anything else. For the equivalent of our closeted folks like Rick, that’s all you need, because being gay is just about hooking up and sex, nothing more. Who needs employment protections, legal protections, marriage, children, etc. Who needs a life. You’ve got a place to party and meet other gay people you can hide with. Until you’re found out by neighbors, colleagues, etc.

  12. says

    I see the Russians are borrowing a tactic from Scott Lively and Brian Brown, both of whom have been honored guests there: just keep denying reality over and over, and eventually, people will believe you. For a while. Maybe.

  13. dbillings says

    Google the Theresienstadt concentration camp/ghetto where the Nazis displayed happy Jewish detainees with their children’s orchestras, etc. to the Red Cross and any others who were willing to be deceived. After these Jews had served their propaganda purposes, they were exterminated. Don’t be deceived.

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