Sydney, Australia’s State of New South Wales Could Pass a Same-Sex Marriage Bill Next Week

The parliament of New South Wales will debate a marriage equality bill next week, Sky News reports:

NswThe group consisting of Liberal, National, Greens, Labor and independent members say the bill follows community and legal consultation, including a parliamentary inquiry that found NSW has the constitutional power to legislate on marriage.

Labor MLC Penny Sharpe said she will introduce the bill next Thursday.

'The community and parliament can be confident we have done our due diligence to ensure we have the strongest bill possible; one that will allow loving and committed same-sex couples to marry in NSW and one that will withstand any high court challenge,' she said.

The Australian Capital Territory passed a same-sex marriage bill earlier this week that PM Tony Abbott's government said it plans to fight.

Meanwhile, the High Court says it will address the issue tomorrow:

A High Court of Australia spokesman has confirmed the first directions hearing for the federal government's constitutional challenge to the ACT's same-sex marriage law will take place on Friday at 2.15pm.

It comes as same-sex couples say they will defy advice from the Prime Minister to delay getting married in Canberra, until the High Court has tested the validity of the ACT's new marriage law.

The federal government formally launched its challenge to the ACT's same-sex marriage law in the High Court on Wednesday.


  1. Mike says

    What about “conservative” filth? The election of Tony Abbott and his already Stone Age idiotic minions certainly did not help and indeed set Australia back years . . .

  2. woody says

    Abbot hates gays because he felt the seminary had too many gay seminarians when he was studying to be a priest. It insulted his self-perception of blokish manhood.
    Well, maybe he should drop his personal baggage and let history move on.
    There are other people in Australia besides him.
    What an dope.

  3. Hass says

    To set the record straight, the Premier of New South Wales, Barry O’Farrell, is from the Liberal Party (which is actually the conservative party in Australia).

    He has come out in support of same-sex marriage, in contrast to the Federal Leader of the Liberal Party, Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

    So it’s not quite fair to tar the whole party with the put-down “disgusting filth”. If same-sex marriage passes in NSW it will be because the Liberal (conservative) dominated parliament votes for it.

    Whether the bill is constitutional is another matter (unfortunately I’m not convinced it is), but this move in favour of gay rights is taking place with the blessing of the Liberal Premier.

  4. rdiac says

    @MIKE re @TRISTRAM re “…like the “public” and “private” schools in Britain…means the exact opposite?”

    Yes – different etymology. ‘Liberal’ in this case goes back to early last century when the opposite meant trade barriers, assertive labor rights and restrictive immigration policies. Now it just means following the same public relations corpus from WPP as Newscorp, your Republican party, and (if you follow the money) the Putin administration, believe it or not.

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