1. will says

    Oh, good lord. This site keeps serving up Alec Baldwin bits for us to demonize and snicker & throw darts at. This is like Pavlov’s dog. I’ll show you a pic of Baldwin and you all will start salivating on cue. Just like trained monkeys. This is what propaganda is.

  2. flo says

    ffs all he did was crack a joke, this whole thing is just going way over the top, he is not homophobic and has done countless gay scenes etc in the past, and publicly supported gay rights. If he is guilty of anything it is being over protective of his family which is hardly the worse thing in the world, any husband/father would/should be especially against the vile way the papz act towards him and his wife.

  3. Kenny says

    Maybe Saturday Night Live will have Baldwin back to reprise his role as the Gay Boy Scout Leader who wants to sexually molest the boys in his troop. Saturday Night Live apparently found the idea hilarious and Baldwin seemed to take great delight in playing the role. But hey, he says he’s for gay rights so it’s all good, right?

  4. Francis says

    Lets see how many queens make excuses for Alec now. He’s basically laughing at us, mocking us. Lets see the excuses. Like Anderson said a few days ago, replace Alec’s use of fag with basically any other slur regarding a major minority group within the US, we know what would happen.

  5. FFS says

    Oh, I get it!

    It’s like that time he threw a tantrum on an airplane coz the flight attendant asked him to power off his phone for take off and he flipped his wig coz he was in the middle of a game of Words with Friends. Then, he went on Weekend Update dressed as an airline pilot and made it into a joke. Also, he lampooned the situation in those credit card adverts he does.

    So, . . . the message is . . . wait, don’t tell me . . . um, he’s not homophobic, . . . he just feels gays are deserving of no more respect than petty functionaries who he feels he’s entitled to spit upon whenever the mood strikes him, even if they’re just doing their jobs!

    Well, that’s . . . better?

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