Alec Baldwin Uses His Gay Hairdresser to Prove He’s Not a Homophobe


Responding to a firestorm of criticism after he was caught calling a photographer a "c–ksucking fag" yesterday, Alec Baldwin brought his gay hairdresser out to the sidewalk today to demonstrate that he's not a homophobe.

TMZ, who broke yesterday's story, writes:

Alec Baldwin just played the, "I have a gay friend" card … putting his male hairdresser on the spot in front of reporters to vouch for his non-homophobia. It's shameless, it's desperate … and quite frankly, it's sad.

It wreaks of "dance monkey, dance" … with Alec asking him straight up — "Am I a homophobe?"

TMZ then spoke with the hairdresser, who said:

"I don’t think he’s homophobic. I don’t at all. Whenever he is in here, we are always talking and cutting hair. He booked an appointment for today, he always does and he is a good tipper.”

Watch the video HERE.


  1. Kevin says

    “He is a good tipper.” End of story. I used to work for tips. Would you want to lost that regular “good” tip because you told the paparazzi anything other than what Alec wanted you to? I’m not blaming the guy, but that basically invalidates his comments on the matter.

  2. Brian in Texas says

    I don’t blame the hairdresser because I’m sure Alec is a really generous customer.

    But, was anyone ever doubting that Alec had gay acquaintances? I’ts the language he chooses to use that people have a problem with.

  3. Dave says

    “Dance monkey, dance” indeed. Or the white supremecist who claims he’s not a racist because he has a black friend. I cannot understand what goes on in the minds of people who do things like this. But, he is a Baldwin after all.

  4. Jim Stone says

    I wish all of the Baldwins would just go away.. The whole “some of my best friends are gay” is such a bunch of crap! With friends like that..who needs enemies?

  5. will says

    Alec Baldwin is no threat to us. Religious homophobes pushing anti-gay agendas are. I really don’t care if somebody say “f*g” when they have no social agenda. Alec campaigned for marriage equality in New York. He urged New Yorkers to kick out the State Senators who voted against gay marriage. He and his brothers have a history of anti-gay slurs. They were obviously brought up a certain way. Alec is fighting it and apologizing.

    We have bigger fish to fry than Alec Baldwin. There are so many witch-hunting small-minded people on this site.

  6. macguffin54 says

    I don’t think he is being serious. I didn’t watch the video, but as someone who is very familiar with his humor on 30 Rock and even SNL this kind of response is just the kind of gag that he would be “sending up”. He is not a dumb man, nor is he ignorant of the “some of my best friends are” excuse. The fact that he is schlepping out someone who portends to be a hairdresser, a MAJOR gay stereotype, is kind of the red flag that he is making fun of himself for being so stupid. Again, I don’t think he is being serious.

  7. E. Carpenter says

    Ok, my original post was blocked – why do I have to spell two perfectly nice words with #$#% in the middle to get through the autocensor? Here’s the re-spelled version:

    I have been an accomplished c%cks%cking f%gg%t for decades (and famous as such on several continents) and I am in the generation of gay men who originally restored both of those words to their rightful place, taking them back from the ignorant and depraved homophobes.

    Because I lived those years, I understand that both those terms were originally ingrained in men of my generation as epithets.

    Straight gay allies like Baldwin no longer use those words as epithets in ordinary conversation, because they just don’t think like that any more. But when you have lived through many social changes, in moments of anger you may find yourself using obsolete words in ways that are no longer valid because you are just too angry to think of the obsolete word’s modern equivalent.

    Younger men often don’t understand how this works, but they will, if they live long enough.

    I cut Baldwin a lot of slack when he loses his temper and falls back into archaic word usages. It would be good if he could fix that in the future, but those automatic, unthinking responses in moments of anger are really hard to fix.

    Remember, he’s not in any way our enemy.

  8. Jack says

    Alec just keeps digging the hole deeper. Just because he has gay friends and supports equality, doesn’t give him the right to call people Fag and say it isnt a slur.
    Would the NAACP let him call people Ni**er and say he has Black friends so its OK?

  9. slappy says

    When your “friend” is someone that you have a professional relationship with, someone you PAY, then the whole validation is compromised B.S. People who are required to be nice to you don’t count. Obvious conflict of interest!

    Macguffin, I have an island I’d like to sell you…

  10. Jim in Colo Spgs says

    I would agree with Will’s post here on this matter: Alec Baldwin is by no means perfect, but this incessant obsession that he is a rank homophobe or hater is wasted energy. Really ?

    Let’s not forget that he’s recently had to deal with a stalker, endless paparazzi, parenting issues. Dunno, again not the biggest fan, but it seems reasonable to give the guy a break and extend him the benefit of the doubt.

    Sure, the “I’ve got a gay friend” tripe is pretty lame and laughable, but I do not think he is anything but a friend to the LGBT community despite his verbal lapses. Besides, words are just words. DEEDS are what matter and he has acted in our interests in my humble opinion.

    “Lighten up, Francis !” 😉

  11. Mick says

    I always thought the Baldwin boys were jerks, especially this one. I don’t blame the cute, sexy hairdresser for doing or saying anything other than what he did, especially when put on the spot like this. Afterall, he’s got to make his living, and unfortunately all of us have to put up with stupid bigots at work. However, MSNBC should fire him, nobody watches his show anyway. I also hope Rachel Maddow will say something just as Anderson Cooper has. I don’t expect (LOL, “serious journalist”),Thomas Roberts, Trump’s new Dennis Rodman, to do or say anything though, except maybe “how’s my hair” with his trademark, goofy off camera glance.

  12. says

    For what it’s worth, Alec Baldwin is not the enemy. He unleashed a decidedly unwise choice of words and epithets at a paparazzo who was following him and his wife and child. No matter if people think Baldwin is in fact a homophobe or not, the reality is that nobody’s anti-gay beliefs and ideologies are in them because of Alec Baldwin, nor *reinforced* by Alec Baldwin. Baldwin didn’t inspire people to support anti-gay politicians, and anti-gay causes. Baldwin isn’t an active force opposing LGBT Equality on a federal or State level.

    In a week where Boehner sees no legitimate reason for LGBT people to have workplace and housing anti-discrimination laws put into effect, all while bringing in noted anti-gay groups for their opinions” – the chosen focus of fury on Baldwin is decidedly preposterous.

  13. Caine says

    The only thing I think is sad is the Paula Deenesque persecution by the media including this blog. The more importance you all give to the word the more meaning it has. I’m a Fag. He said the word fag. Who cares? It’s 2013.

  14. Mike Ryan says

    I would NOT want to be that hairdresser because the world of hate has just come down on his shoulders. All because of money this gay hairdresser is willing to sell out his own community for the big tip. What a deusch!

  15. Kev C says

    Homophobia which insults, belittles, threatens and in some cases, causes violence, is just as important an issue as gay marriage, and maybe even more so, since social homophobia directly affects people person-to-person. People need to get real and deal with the casual homophobia in society, and not just the remote homophobia of politics, entertainment or religion. The latter undoubtedly causes social homophobia, street behavior, casual homophobia and bullying, but everyday bullies must also be held accountable and stopped.

  16. Ccbarney says

    Most of the time when someone uses the F word I cringe and join the we-must-punish-them band wagon. In this case I feel like the tabloid press bully Baldwin because they know he has a short fuse/anger managent issues. Mr Baldwin, unlike many clebrities, speaks up for our community. We all say stupid things. Let’s ignore all this hype and concentrate on the real hateful folks who try to set back the fight for our equal rights.

  17. kaccompany says

    First time (toxic little queen) was probably accurate and didn’t offend me in the least. This time (c*cksucking f*g) is completely different… offensive… and it doesn’t shock me that no one here knows the difference. Nuance is wasted here.

  18. tinkerbelle says

    It seems fairly clear that if Baldwin had to show his hairdresser as an example of his gay “friends”, he doesn’t really have any. Or if he does, they’re in the closet (other actors?). This is all pathetic, and not important in the big scheme of things — better to waste effort going after Boner Bonehead instead of this guy whose self-importance seems to be his major crime.

    By the way, I do find the word fag offensive, even among friends, considering that it has been historically used in the negative sense against gays. I know from personal experience how hurtful this word can be (last thing I heard before getting beat up on Thompson St in Soho in the 1980s — my face has never been the same…).

  19. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “…getting beat up on Thompson St in Soho in the 1980s…”

    yes, Tinkerbelle, I’ve had that experience also…more than once.

    Years ago, too many Gay people blamed themselves when sh.t like that happened. You know, “I shouldn’t have been out that late” or “I should’ve taken a different route home”. That’s why we never went to the police for help.

    I’m glad that they…well, that many Gay folks don’t blame themselves anymore.

  20. WeHo says

    I’m confused on what the rules are:

    If someone that I don’t know called me a c%cks%cking f%gg%t, when can I get offended? Do I have to ask for him voting record? Do I look for an Obama sticker on his car? A HRC bumper sticker?

    Is it OK for a cop to call me that? How about a bartender at a gay bar (could be straight or gay)?

    There’s a litmus test, but I don’t know what the rules are … except if you’re a celebrity and are liberal.

  21. Tyler says

    And most trolls on this site are actually aliases of Rick. Kev C being one of them. Rick said yesterday (under the name Asam) that all women are homophobic, and now Kev C is saying most gay bashers are democrats/liberals. Rick is trying to convince us, rather poorly, that the true allies to the LGBT community are republican men, which is hysterical. Next he’ll try to insist to us that it’s actually atheists that are behind all of the anti-SSM initiatives. Rick’s not even trying anymore.

  22. jimbryant says

    Alec Baldwin is a liberal homophobe.

    As for his gay hairdresser, it reminds me somewhat of how female pop singers like Madonna, Britney and Lady Gaga have used gay men as a cover.

  23. says

    I don’t care if he’s not as bad as anti-gay legislators or congressmen, I don’t think someone who boast being an ally should be allowed to just say such horrible things and continue getting support from us.

  24. says

    Lady Gaga hasn’t used gay men as a cover, she’s herself bisexual and has called out Russia and anti-gay businesses on their hate as well as staring the Born This Way foundation for LGBT youth. You also don’t hear her shouting out anti anything slurs in public.

  25. Derrick from Philly says

    @ TYLER,

    thanks. I don’t have the energy. It’s a relief to have younger commentators on hand to respond to wacky comments.

    Kev C,

    I have an idea what you are trying to say–something about social class and race…but it aint worth considering.

  26. Tyler says

    Kev C, Litper and now Jimbryant. Three aliases of Rick on the same page. Who knew he was so desperate for attention? I mean he’s even using the same women are homophobic bs I just mentioned. What a pathetic creature.

  27. Tyler says

    Kev C, Litper and now Jimbryant. Three aliases of Rick on the same page. Who knew he was so desperate for attention? I mean he’s even using the same women are homophobic bs I just mentioned. What a pathetic creature.

  28. Tyler says

    Kev C, Litper and now Jimbryant. Three aliases of Rick on the same page. Who knew he was so desperate for attention? I mean he’s even using the same women are homophobic bs I just mentioned. What a pathetic creature.

  29. Bill says

    I think it was smart of Baldwin to show off his hairdresser, who pointed out that Baldwin is a good tipper. That puts Baldwin way above those jerks who refuse to give waiters and waitresses tips because of their perceived sexual orientation.

    I’d give him a pass for blurting out a slur he would not normally use given that he was targeting a public nuisance – paparazzi. I’ve used some choice obscenities for some telemarketers who have been hounding me on a weekly basis and who ignored a request to leave me alone because I’m on the federal “do not call” list. But then, it included the other ‘f’ word.

  30. Tien says

    When did gays get so sensitive? Are we so delicate? I hate this silly witch hunt. Soon everyone will be a homophobe.

    I’ve heard gays use worse than that to describe their frenemies.

    Just stop this farce of feigned offense. You make gays sound whiney and petty.

  31. Francis #1 says

    My problem isn’t with Alec Baldwin. Alec I don’t think is a homophobe. He’s a brash, loudmouth, eccentric middle aged straight man from NYC. That’s what he is and what he sounds like. I don’t really care about Alec but I have a SERIOUS problem with this constant attempt, including from actual gay people, to downplay anti-gay slurs and terminology. No other group can you willy-nilly use slurs and it just be OK the next day. Against us, well, it occurs essentially on an every day basis, someone using an anti-gay slur, and then backtracking, and then we just forget anything happened.

    Obviously, as a community, we’re not respect the same way other groups are, hence general society has little care in using anti-gay language, but that doesn’t mean we should give it the free pass.

  32. Francis #1 says

    Alec Baldwin speaking out for gay rights does not absolve him in ANY way for what he said here. No, the pitchforks aren’t necessary, but giving a free pass to casual homophobia like we saw from Alec Baldwin is what creates a culture where real, hardcore homophobia is allowed to foster. No other group would allow such casual bigotry against them persist yet many gays do. That speaks to us.

  33. Kev C says

    What I’m saying is simple. A foul-mouthed person is more likely to use gay slurs. A person who uses gay slurs is more likely to bash or discriminate against gays. You needn’t look to Russia or Utah to find homophobia. You can find it at your local bar, your slobby neighbor, your bus driver.

  34. Robert says

    Alec Baldwin is a DB.
    His career couldn’t crash and burn fast enough. If he had called a black man the N word would this even be a discussion about his character? As far as “we have bigger fish to fry”…when you go fishing do you catch all the fish? No! But this one jumped in the pan so light him up.

  35. Tien says

    Francis, actually, the are several groups you can make fun of and get away with it – women, middle easterners, Asians, fat people, native Americans, midgets…

    The problem I have is the over-dramatization of the event. Use of gay slurs doesn’t mean homophobia. It doesn’t suddenly neutralize and dismiss the goodness of people. It doesn’t equate to Westboro.

    If he actually meant to demean a gay person, then get upset. We have bigger battles to win, otherwise.

  36. Francis #1 says

    There are other groups you can make fun of, but in terms of people actually defending this type of behavior, no other group has that happen with them. It simply does not happen. In San Francisco, there was a prank involving Asian names and KTVU producers not picking it up, and they were immediately fired. Make a blatantly sexist comment (not talking about abortion but women as women) and you’ll be fired. A news anchor calling fat people rolly pollies would probably be fired. Homophobic slurs simply are not on that level. They are not treated the same, and they’re not seen the same by not just straights, but some gays as well.

    That’s a homophobic double standard, which some gay people choose to ignore. Casual homophobia is a pretty big battle to fight. I couldn’t care less about Alec Baldwin but no, using homosexuality/gayness as an insult is not OK, and it is homophobic, and thus it hurts us all, whether the term is directed at someone gay or not. How can we complain about school or workplace bullying and discrimination when we give a free pass to the litany of celebrities, athletes, public figures, using these slurs? No other group would. How can any of us be surprised these slurs are continuously used by general society when we do so little as a community to put them in check.

    Gay SLURS are called slurs for a reason. A true ally does not use such words as a means to demean.

  37. Francis #1 says

    Use of gay slurs not meaning homophobia is hilarious to me. What other reason is there to intentionally use gay slurs? Why are they called slurs, if they’re somehow not slurs? Please. Some of you should stop making excuses for ignorance, and show some self-respect.

  38. corman says

    truthfully, it’s not a big deal…. leave the guy alone. we all say things at times that are not PC. I have heard worse things said in a gay bar about each other then what alex baldwin said. ” let thee who is without sin, cast the first stone.”
    when someone is throwing a fit and being angry, the stuff that can come out of one’s mouth is….. well…… to say the least…. alarming and I include myself. we are after all, human and not perfect beings. we have bad days and don’t think before we speak. we just all need to lighten up about all this political correctness babble and be a little bit more tolerant of each other, IMO.

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