1. Eric says

    I would be willing to bet this has almost nothing to do with his homophobia/violence and everything to do with his politics.

  2. Endoritos says

    SO a guy who opposes sexual “perversion” and pedophilia flees to Thailand? Come on, that’s hilarious.

  3. Bill says

    I can’t bring myself to watch the disgusting video, but he sounds like a gay sadist with no training or outlet.

  4. StranglerFig says

    Now that Maxim has left for Thailand, he is more vulnerable. I sincerely hope that he gets found, made to experience the full extent of what he has inspired, and disappears forever. He deserves to suffer and then unrest in a shallow grave.

  5. eno says

    is what appears at the end of a video if you want to help them through paypal. Please report them

  6. Bill says

    You know, maybe we need laws that allow human-rights violators like this guy to be prosecuted or sued anywhere if they have a government that is tolerating such behavior.

  7. RussianMan says

    In that video Maxim has caught a pedophile, who arranged to meet 13 year old teenager to have sex for money ( boy with a mobile ). So that ” poor victim gay” is a pedophile. Wwhy all western gay community protect rus pedophiles? Really funny.

  8. plucky 2.0 says


    Hey pig, you don’t take the law into your own hands. The POINT is that this behavior kills gay men and women who arent trying to meet 15 year olds.

    But youre Russian / automatic moron.

  9. Milena says

    I dont want to watch the video. Is there acutually a “boy” or is it just an assertion? Where do you know that this guy wanted to meet a boy? Because Tesak told so?
    Because the guy “confessed” it? Believe me, you would confess everything if a bunch of Neonazis would break into your flat and humilate you.

    And why should these Nazis know? Did they hack his messages?

    I don’t say it’s not true, I juast wonder why some of you are so sure about that.