1. HadenoughBS says

    Thanks but no thanks. I’ll not be spending my working time here on Thanksgiving Eve listening to this anti-gay activist’s rantings-and-ravings about the GLBT community. It seems Lopez couldn’t hack it himself as a gay man so, being the apparent loser that he is, he thinks he has to keep fighting against his own natural orientation. I think he needs to spend a lot more time looking in the mirror and arguing with the person he sees there and NOT with the rest of us!

  2. john patrick says

    I listened to hours of the testimony in Hawaii. One of the things that struck me was that it was the so-called Christians who were tearing at the heart with their lies, sanctimonious religious proclamations, fear mongering, etc. The second thing that struck me was the constant reference to the Japanese and Chinese and Philippine people coming to Hawaii, and how the state should cater to those among them who don’t like marriage equality.

    It was not the gay people and their supporters who were “ripping apart” the State of Hawaii. They were quite sensible and focused on reality. And Hawaii is part of the United States. It is not part of Japan, or China, or the Philippines.

  3. Tyler says

    The man is a mentally-ill closet case who fundamentally hates who he really is. He’s so deeply unhappy that he’s adopted a paranoid and monstrous perception of the Gay community (though I’m sure he has equally monstrous views about the LBT community as well). This is the only way he can live with himself. He’s a pitiful and sad creature and a cautionary tale for those who seek to change their sexuality through religion.

  4. Ben in Oakland says

    Obviously, he knows nothing of the history of Hawaii and why there are so many Asians there. And it doesn’t have just a little bit to do with human trafficking.

    What an ignorant, sad man.

  5. Mike says

    My God, Joseph Ehrman-Dupree. Another story with a major error.

    Last week, you posted a piece claiming that a Scottish priest was ousted for writing a book exposing anti-gay bullying, when in fact the ousted priest is antigay and wrote a book about how a gays in the church are bullying others.

    Now you post this story about the deranged Robert Oscar Lopez. It is great that you are exposing his nuttiness, but you incorrectly identify him as “ex-gay.” He is not ex-gay. He does not claim to be ex-gay. A big part of his schtick is that he identifies as bisexual and was raised by a lesbian. He is part of a group of 3 gay or bi-identified men who are being used by NOM to oppose gay marriage. All 3 of them filed a brief with SCOTUS opposing marriage equality. The fact that he is bi and still opposes gay families, is the only thing that makes him a novelty and is the only reason anyone pays attention to his deranged ranting.

    So, yes, Mr. Ehrman-Dupree, you’ve got another error. Maybe you’ll actually correct this one?

  6. AlphaTom says

    And what of the straight couples that “buy” children overseas. I bet that the majority of the couples adopting are straight.

    Also, it’s not so simple to adopt overseas like you are ordering from Amazon — especially as a gay couple. The restrictions on adoption vary from country to country but many refuse to allow gays to adopt.

  7. simon says

    Funny. It seems the majority of lawmakers there are Asians. They should also share the blame. Apparently they went against the will of their constituents.

  8. I wont grow up says

    Before they closed all the state mental hospitals, loonies with this many bubbles in their think tanks were put away, medicated and given a nice jacket with the sleeves that tie in the back. Now they’re out running around and scarier yet, they are allowed to vote and drive cars.

  9. JackFknTwist says

    Listen to an ex-gay, [or as MIKE says a “bi” raised by a lesbian and opposing gay marriage],
    I don’t think so.
    Actually listening to an ex-gay on any subject, including the time of day, is beyond my patience level.
    I am of coursed amused by the xenophobic references to “overseas”……..Yeah,- “here be dragons”
    He’s just another tool looking for attention for his game as ‘publisher of gay fiction’.

  10. Bernie says

    this nut job, unfortunately sounds like he is severely mentally ill……his statements sound more illogical and irrational then your normal right wing nut job

  11. woodroad34 says

    So my brother and his wife are human traffickers for adopting an Hispanic child, or Brad & Angelina or Madonna are also human traffickers or any number of straight people who adopt unwanted children in Russia. Yeah, you fatard, only gays adopt from outside countries and pay exorbitant prices for that pleasure. What a complete and total waste of space this idiot is.

  12. DannyEastVillage says

    Perhaps my saying so isn’t entirely politically correct, but why is it that people with such sick attitudes are so often, well, fat?

  13. JeffreyRO5 says

    I forget how much the Witherspoon Institute pays this guy to rail against same-sex parents but I imagine it’s quite a bit.

  14. *****overTX says

    What injustice in this world. The oxygen he is wasting could be used to keep someone nice alive.

  15. John says

    This guy taught me at Canisius College. He is a FREAK. Do not listen to what this psychophant has to say about anything.

  16. Gigi says

    @DANNYEASTVILLAGE — It’s true. Look at Slaggie Gallagher and Brian Brownshirt. Well, you don’t HAVE to look at them…just think in your mind how obese they both are. Hate is hard on the heart. The only way to soothe a cold, black heart is by self-medicating with copious amounts fatty and unhealthy snacks.

  17. jamal49 says

    Well, Lopez got me on this one. His logic is fool-proof. I now understand why marriage equality is bad for Hawaii. Who knew?

    But, then again, maybe not. Seriously, does someone like Lopez really believe what he is saying? Over on NOM and at various evangelical websites, they are making similar claims about “gay marriage”, not just for Hawaii but for the world in general.

    Yes, Robert, it is true. Just as soon as I am fortunate enough to find a nice man and marry him, we will immediately start human trafficking, especially babies.

  18. Stephen Wright says

    I moved to Hawaii several years ago as a gay pastor. Me and my husband love Hawaii. Hawaii is a dry s state and be prepared for no alcohol and no smoking. When we had our reception it was dry because of the liquor laws and my husband was angry because we wanted to smoke some green and he could not.

  19. Pump It Up, Homeboy, Just Like That says

    I think the biggest fiction is the fiction that he is ex-gay. Otherwise this is classic fundagelical backspin: they accuse whoever they oppose of doing exactly what they themselves do. Anyone with an intellectual pulse knows that it’s the evangelical movement in the U.S. that’s been propelling the boom in international adoptions for at least the last 20 years, doing exactly what this bloated bloviator Lopez says here–unwittingly fueling human trafficking with well-intentioned but family-rending international adoptions.