1. yuninv says

    Never bring anything up for a vote, because then people will be on record for their intolerance!

  2. Mike in the Tundra says

    Boehner only has one concern, and that’s Boehner. He won’y do anything that might hurt his standing in the Repulsivican party.

  3. Mike says

    I trust Tammy Baldwin to know if the votes on ENDA are there. Let their intolerance and intransigence GLARINGLY show! Am already MORE then a little hopeful that these backward idiots will soon be voted out of office . . .

  4. db says

    How will this cost any jobs? Boehner should be pressured for more details on this. It’s just a b.s. line. This will not cost any jobs for small or large businesses.

  5. says

    Growing up we learned that “Americans are free to choose the kinds of work they want to do.” Hard work paid off. Like truth and justice it was the American Way. This fairy tale has an ugly side to it. Once upon a time our government actively sought out gays and Lesbians for termination considering them unfit for employment. The story is worth remembering.