1. UFFDA says

    Dear ASAM – oh shut up. If you can yawn through this great dance team you have a big problem, bigger than no knowing how to use the word “fetish”.

    Ben and his hyper lady make me smile. Still waiting for him to take it on with a man.

  2. AriesMatt says

    @ASam, I know I probably speak for a lot of TR readers but we actually like (OK, I LOVE) reading about Ben Cohen and watching his performances. How about you skip the article and comments if you aren’t into it?

  3. Mike Ryan says

    He’s cute but he’s just a so-so dancer. Certainly doesn’t know how to use his arms and hands. Reminds me of a straight middle-class athletic nerd-type who barely keeps on the beat. Still, he is very cute.

  4. Rick says

    It is becoming increasingly obvious that this Ben Cohen guy is one of those gay guys who pretends to be straight, but is, at the same time, “gay-friendly”.

    It is a pretty bizarre phenomenon to me, but it definitely exists–and I have seen it in non-celebrities in my own life.

    Sorry, but they guy just tries way too hard just to be a sympathetic straight guy.

    He’s queer, so he just needs to face up to it and be honest about it.

  5. Rick says

    Oh, and, by the way. if it were revealed that he was actually gay, all the lusting after him by commenters on this site would, I assure you, come to an abrupt end.

    Think about it.

  6. Tyler says

    Wow, Rick: you’ve already posted on this comment thread twice under two usernames. You must really be threatened by the self-confidence, humanity and masculinity of Mr. Cohen. I’m sorry you loathe your own existence so much that you feel you must lash out at others under as many usernames as you can think up. Loser.

  7. jimbryant says

    Frankly, I don’t care about Ben Cohen’s sexuality. Whether he likes men or women or both is beside the point. I just think that this concept of the “straight ally” is way past its use-by date.

  8. jimbryant says

    It’s interesting that gay men have a fixation on apparently straight men in the same way that straight men have a fixation on lesbians. Is it about the unattainable?

    Of course, straight men often pay women to perform lesbian acts.

  9. Ken says

    Thanks, Andy! I don’t watch this show, but I love catching the clips of Big Ben on TR! He’s got nothing on the bitter queens on this site, but he’s a cool dude, nonetheless. Keep ’em coming!

  10. jsb says

    Ben Cohen is an incredibly sexy man, in my opinion, don’t care if he is gay, straight, bi-sexual, or a-sexual. Andy keep Ben Cohen articles coming, I appreciate them!

    When Ben smiles, drool…

  11. EchtKultig says

    JimBryant is correct, it really doesn’t matter if he’s gay or straight. But if you’re hoping he really is gay, I think you’re in for a very long wait. I don’t think he is. That being said, I do find him a bit of a mystery. As I posted some time ago here, it sometimes seems like he’s more motivated by his vanity than anything else. I wonder if there’s something motivating his activism that he doesn’t discuss, like a childhood friendship with someone who was gay. Or something.

  12. Mark says

    It’s a rare man who manages to be doggone cute and boiling hot at the same time. So what if he’s no Fred Astaire on the dance floor? Fred was no steaming side of beef like bodacious Ben is.

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