1. jimbryant says

    Neither Gareth nor James have the true interests of gay people at heart. If they did, they would talk about the horrible effect the laws are having on Russia’s gays, and not how important it is for the athletes to be at Sochi.

    The athletes will be pampered in Sochi. In the streets of St Petersburg, a gay will be murdered.

  2. Grant says

    The truly unfortunate thing is that when all the idiots of think of gay men this is not what they.see..
    but the reality is most men dont need to advertise their sexuality choice with hair and makeup

  3. TruthSerum says

    Gareth does look weathered and I love how the straight guys calls him out for being a “bitchy queen”. I thought Gareth was supposed to be a rugged athlete. Not!

  4. Sam says

    I’m so looking forward with baited-breath in watch the Sochi Olympics with out and proud Johnny Weir commentating and Thomas Roberts investigative reporting.

  5. Gyula says

    “Statistically there must be gay rugby players out there but I don’t know of a single one”

    Statistically the rugby players have not the same mental and hormonal structure than ballet dancers and interior designers. I see rugby is one of the most masculine thing men can do, this is why this question has come into my mind to search. Man-eater fighters might rarely like to smoodge other man-eaters, I suspected. So actually I see my suspicion confirmed.

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