1. Sean says

    This experience from this unhinged barbarian brought you by the enabling from uncivilized blood thirsty hate mongers such as Peter LaBarbaric – I mean LaBarbera, Tony Perkins and the FRC, Bryan Fischer and the AFA, and Brian Brown and NOM who believe themselves to be members of a superior humanity that would make Hitle – I mean “God” proud but in reality they are the lowest forms of humanity.

  2. Francis #1 says

    Considering the hate crime rate in this country against LGBT people is so exponentially high, it’s not just mental illness or religion at play. A lot of it is simply hate.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    THis fool was crazy and it appeared he was drinking something also. I’ll probably be like him in a few years cursing out against neocons like DAN CORN COBB.

    The bus driver should’ve put his crazy azz off the bus, or called the police.

    @ “Africa is such a mess.”

    Yeah, so was Virginia, Dan Corn Cobb, when your indentured servant ancestors were committing incest all over the place.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Africa is such a mess.”

    You know something else, DAN CORN COBB, like most Black Americans he’s probably mixed with some European ancestry. How do you know it’s the not the European DNA that turned him into a nut case?

    But, DAN, you’re kinda’ crazy yourself. A few weeks ago you were denouncing racism on this blog. What happened? Did you let ALLBEEFPATTY force you to rejoin the Queer Klux Klan? Don’t follow that KKK b.tch!

  5. Joe M says

    OMG the crazies on the Chicago CTA or El are a dime a dozen. Preachin or yelling or begging for money or just acting like a nutball. I’m sure every person on that bus just looked up briefly then went back to reading whatever they brought on.

  6. Trolliollio says

    I’m not falling for the race baiting our usual commenter waits to use under all its aliases. Mental illness and bigotry have NOTHING to do with race. .

  7. steve says

    it’s interesting to see black men behaving like this around gay people…because ultimately all this anti-gay stuff actually came from the “white man” – because in Africa before colonization and missionaries that brought Christianity and other western religions…these kinds of anti-gay attitudes didn’t exist. So in essence, this dude is being a bit of an “uncle tom” so to speak.

  8. Rob says

    So, if we’re going to make a spectacle out of the black person making these comments (who, just as easily could have been a crazy, middle aged, christian, white man), then, lets also make a spectacle of the black lady in the background who was standing up to him?? NO, not likely from this comment thread…

  9. Robert says

    I love when the racist comments here get taken more seriously than the typical trolling. And, of course, are responded by moooore racism! You’re all such shining stars, really.

    But yeah, for my two cents, I ride Chicago buses all the time and 90% of the babbling is religious, and most of it is by minorities. Come up with whatever reason you wish, but there it is.

  10. says

    An obviously ill person ranting on public transport isn’t very interesting. The real Towleroad story here should be the disgusting racism in the comments. Towleroad needs proper moderators to delete the sick racial slurs that are far too common here.

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “And, of course, are responded by moooore racism!”

    OK, Robert, I get it. Your remark seemed to aimed at me. Yes, I do respond to racist comments with what may be also considered racially offensive remarks. Well, I just want to show them that someone can “dish it out” just as they do. The difference is, Robert, I do not hate White folks in general. I don’t.

  12. Jake says

    “verbally assaulting” is a stupid thing to call this. He expressed his feelings and his issues. Big deal. The people on the bus will survive it. Nobody was harmed in any tangible way.

    Public transit everywhere is the who’s who of mental illness. Now that we don’t properly even attempt to care for the mentally ill anymore, and just leave them to their own devices.

    Except, that is, when it suits certain people to exploit them for some agenda, like furthering your own political career by proposing some law be created to deal with the discomfort someone freely expressing themselves in public might cause.

    A crazy person was talking on a bus. And this is somehow relevant “news” here.


  13. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Because that dude clearly has only ever engaged in sexual activity with his wife with whom he’s been trying to procreate. Right?”

    He’s not only been with women, KIWI. I know “trade” when I see/hear one. That fool aint foolin’ me.

  14. E. Carpenter says

    @ALLBEEFPATTY – I had no idea that excessive alcohol use was confined to one small cultural group! What have my rural white cousins been taking to get shi tfaced drunk, then, if it hasn’t been alcohol? Please do teach us more about this misunderstood phenomenon!

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