Four ‘Suspected Lesbians’ Freed in Senegal for Lack of Evidence

Four of five women arrested last week for being "suspected "lesbians"in Senegal have been released, Voice of America reports:

SenegalFour women accused of violating Senegal’s harsh anti-gay law have been freed, after a court found there was not enough evidence against them.  But activists say the outcome will do little to ease pressure on the West African country’s embattled gay community.  
The four suspects in Wednesday’s case were arrested in the early morning hours of November 11 during a birthday party at a restaurant in Dakar’s Yoff district.  A fifth woman arrested in the same raid is a minor and so will have her case processed separately.
Police who conducted the raid later testified the women were kissing in public, something they strenuously denied at the time and when they appeared in court earlier this week.

Homosexual acts in Senegal are punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $3,000.



    Africa is a cesspool of bribery empowered by poverty –because sometimes you don’t need poverty to embolden bribes- and those countries where homosexuality is illegal only use it a yet another way to extract money from whoever is accused. Remember that in such countries the level of filth of the jail and prison system is enough give even the money you don’t have to get out, even if you are “innocent” of whatever charge.
    Idiosyncrasy won’t change, no matter what. (For short, it takes decades of steady education AND generation renewal to barely modify some customs, and that counting with the ideal setting to do it). If they ever decriminalize homosexuality would be because they are cornered by political and economic reasons on the higher levels, the lower levels won’t renounce to yet another way of extort money.

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