Gay Son of SF Mayor George Moscone, Who Was Slain with Harvey Milk, Marries Partner

Jonathan Moscone (left), the son of San Francisco Mayor George Moscone, who was assassinated in 1978 with SF Supervisor Harvey Milk, married his partner on the mayor's balcony of SF City Hall on Friday, the NYT reports:

MosconeMr. Moscone (left), 49, is the artistic director of the California Shakespeare Theater in Berkeley. He graduated from Williams College and received a Master of Fine Arts in directing from Yale…Mr. Carbonaro, 46, is the associate general counsel of Clean Power Finance, a company in San Francisco that manages and makes investments in residential solar power. He graduated from Drexel University and received a law degree from Pace.

The San Francisco Chronicle also covered the marriage:

"I now feel more cognizant of the connection between my father and the city and its history," Moscone said. "Sometimes it's hard to live inside all of that. But it's also why I love working and living here. It feels right."

The marriage also feels right, he said. Carbonaro, who loves to cook, is Sicilian. The Moscone family is Genovese.

"I proposed at the bar of the NoMad Hotel in New York in January," Moscone said. "It was spur of the moment, and I asked him to marry me by the end of the year."



  1. CPT_Doom says

    Congrats to the happy couple, especially my fellow Eph* Mr. Moscone (*Eph refers to Ephraim Williams, founder of Williams College; I was three years behind Moscone).

  2. Mike Ryan says

    Your father would be very proud. Too bad he wasn’t here to conduct the ceremony. Best wishes to you both!

  3. says

    I knew Mayor Moscone as a friend. I am willing to bet that had george lived, he would of supported his son actions 100%. So many people are not aware that it was George Moscone who jumped started the S.F. ealry gay rights movement 2 years before Harvey was elected,by appointing Harvey to the Board of Permits. However,when Harvey ran against a popular sitting Democratic and gay friendly politician Art Agnost for State assembly, he was fired by Moscone.

  4. Mark says

    @Sundayboy You are absolutely, and now I’ve got a case of the giggles reading and rereading the headline.

  5. Jonster says

    I loved Mayor Moscone. He was an amazing man, a great man. I lived in SF during the tragedy of 1978. Special congratulations to his beautiful son and husband on the marriage. May your happiness last forever.