Chicago’s Cardinal George Attacks Illinois Same-Sex Marriage Bill in Church Bulletin: VIDEO


  1. Jim says

    Mr. George, the anti-discrimination provisions of the marriage equality act need not be contested in court if you and your ilk stop discriminating against gay people. Ever think of that? Just because you dress up in an absurd costume doesn’t mean that you’ve somehow got more rights than the rest of us. Your superstition isn’t a blank check for abusing our rights. The law protects us just as much as it protects you. You’re not special.

  2. Michael says

    So sick of these cowards who can’t cope with being gay so the run to the priesthood and think it’s their God given right to bash men who actually have the balls to deal with reality.

  3. UrbanMike says

    Let it be known that shortly after he was elevated to Cardinal I met him curbside for a Mayoral inaugural event and congratulated him. His response, “Congratulations? Worst job I’ve ever had”. Tells you everything you need to know about him as a person and as a Christian. Bitter, angry, filled with hate. A real role model.

  4. Richard says

    Why don’t sensible Catholics speak out against these vile homophobes? As the bigoted bishops and cardinals see themselves losing the marriage war, their rhetoric becomes more desperate, disgusting, and revealing. Men of god — ha!

  5. anon says

    It’s never clear if they are voicing their own opinion or just acting out on Vatican policy. Without the third world the influence of the Catholic church would be in severe decline right now. As it is, they aren’t not able to maintain their priest staffing levels, which is a major reason they essentially have criminals filling the ranks.

  6. Godzilla says

    @ Richard. I wonder the same thing. But also, why don’t they speak out against ‘exemptions’ as well? Catholics had to argue that discriminating against gays is so central to their religion that it couldn’t survive without it. They had to demand exemption from treating gays as full-persons… And sensible Catholica are ok with this? *sigh*

    @ Michael & Danny East Ville. Please don’t assume every homophobe is a self-loathing closeted gay person. It has very ugly implications (I urge you to contemplate them) that simply are not true. Homophobic heterosexuals vastly outnumber anti-gay gays.

  7. Wavin' Dave says

    I’m relaxing in South Florida. A few miles away, groups of schoolchildren and seniors and clergy are bussed in, lining up to kiss a vial of the dead Polish Pope’s blood, many in tears.
    It’s 2013. Exorcisms, reliquaries, newsletter hatred.
    I’m Catholic, born and raised.
    But, truly – I got nuthin’.
    I cling to the ideas of the founder. The rest is voodoo.

  8. Michael says

    @Godzilla, u need to check out the homophobia study by the University of Georgia which proves 80% of homophobic men were closet cases so, no, anti gay heterosexuals do not out number self loathing closet cases.

  9. Michael says

    And, no offense, but if u cant spot this guy for the obvious closet case he is you need to take it head out of your ass. Real straight men dont give a rats ass what gay men might do. Their whole attitude is “good, less competition for me.”

  10. Frenchy says

    Said the ridiculous old man in the custom made evening gowns and cocktail rings. She should just STFU and get back to waving around her burning pocketbook.

  11. simon says

    Pot and kettle again. Priesthood will contribute over the long run to the further dissolution of marriage and family life, which are the bedrock of any society. Unless the choir boys belong to his family.

  12. simon says

    Rebuttal from a spokesman of the French socialist party may be relevant here:
    “It is not the Church’s role to oppose the will of the legislature, especially on matters relating to marriage in a secular society.”

  13. says

    The consequences for the Church are that it will seem ever increasingly outside the mainstream and out of touch with the reality of people’s lives. Keep it up, Cardinal, and continue sealing your own irrelevancy. You won’t move on, Illinois will.

  14. Patrick says

    What a sad,little shell of a man. HETEROSEXUALS are contributing to the DECLINE of marriage and the dissolution of the family “unit”. NOT GLBT’s. The anti crowd is increasingly desperate. They’re trotting out the same lame,tired,baseless,UNTRUE rhetoric used in the past to discriminate against: immigrants,African-Americans,Latin Americans,Asian Americans, physically/mentally/sigh/hearing challenged Americans, etc.,etc.,etc.The fearful windbags always go after what they perceive to be their enemy.When in TRUTH they ARE their own enemy!!! They need to take a hard look at themselves in the harsh,cold light of REALITY and get the PHUCK over themselves. They are a direct reflection of the SICK society THEY have created. And they’re trying,with little to NO success, to scapegoat the GLBTQQIA community. Which is a LOT of people,who VOTE for supportive politicians. Not like the cowardly,spineless,low life sleaze balls who spout off and expose themselves as the true bigots they are.

  15. Nick says

    Any representative of the corrupt Holy See speaks without any moral authority whatsoever.
    The Vatican’s sex scandals are legendary from pedophilia, prostitution and fathering illegitimate children…. the list is endless.

    You have no authority whatsoever….
    you are corrupt and insidiously hypocritical.

  16. Bart says

    “The law, however, is bad law because it will contribute over the long run to the further dissolution of marriage and family life, which are the bedrock of any society.”

    Quite a hypothesis (unprovable so it’s easy to spout lies for which you can’t be held accountable other than it defies common sense) from someone who knows nothing about marriage and only knows about family from the vantage point of being a son or sibling but never a parent.

    Bottom line, the exact opposite of what he says is the truth.

  17. crazycorgi says

    I wish that these people would just shut their mouths and get over themselves. Their whole argument against gay marriage is based on nothing but lies, deceit, fallacies, and proven falsehoods. Anyone who believes that giving gays the right to marry under the law is going to cause heterosexual marriages to end in ruin is a stupid moron. All one has to do is look at Massachusetts where gay marriage has been law for a decade. I don’t recall any news articles speaking out about the horrors heterosexual marriage has caused heterosexuals. The only reason their marriages are ending in divorce is due to rampant adultery, which has nothing to do with gays. If they want to launch a crusade they should jump off the anti gay bandwagon and start going after Jerry Springer and Maury. You want to witness the decline of moral values in this country just tune into those shows.

  18. woody says

    I never understood the “same sex marriage will hurt straight marriage” argument. I think seeing gay couples who’ve waited so long for marriage get married and be so, so happy reminds straight people how valuable marriage is. It’s inspiring to see overjoyed people who’ve waited so long for something others take for granted. Most people are seriously moved by it.
    Cardinal George, take off your mitre and think like a human being.

  19. PLAINTOM says

    Would you go to someone who has never driven a car for drivers education ? The arrogance of this little to speak about marriage, gay or straight is outrageous.

  20. Paul says

    @ Michael,

    No offence, but I think “you need to take it (sic) head out of your ass”, yourself. Oh sure, “real straight men don’t give a rats ass what gay men might do”, eh? There’s no problem with that statement at all.

    If you want someone to ‘check out’ a study, how about a citation; “…the homophobia study from University of Georgia” isn’t helpful. You probably just made that up, and even if you didn’t, you probably don’t know what the study actually indicates. Describe the population sample and the research methodology for me please. What’s that? You can’t because you don’t know what you’re talking about? That’s ok, I didn’t think you did.

    Anyone who could believe or make the statements you make requires a profound lack of perspective, knowledge, and life-experience. Self-evidently ridiculous.

    No, I’m sure you’re not a heterosexual homophobe getting a silly little satisfaction out of trying to generate process-loss on a gay blog. No, not at all.

  21. Paul says

    @ Michael,

    Oh, and by the way, the fact that you think one study can prove anything, even your use of the word “prove” in this context shows just how little you know about the scientific method. So don’t presume to school me or anyone else on social science.

    Also, your nasty attitude sucks. FOAD

  22. m says

    this isn’t a surprise to anyone from chicago. cardinal george has a reputation. it’s just more of the same. he does miserable really really well though. shame to waste it.

  23. Chuck Mielke says

    Bigots like the Cardinal cloak their hatred in nice-sounding phrases and “caring concerns” when the logic behind their “concern” holds nothing more than superstitious twaddle. Certainly same-sex marriage will have its consequences; continuing the status quo will also have its consequences; we have seen negative consequences to status quo and equality, too, will have some negative consequences. Of their nature and substance no one yet knows; bibliomancy has never accurately predicted anything no matter how high the official using it.

    There remains the possibility that the Cardinal issues a veiled threat: the Church will do what it can to create negative consequences it will then try to blame on marriage equality.

  24. simon says

    Don’t worry. The Church is only an empty shell of its former grandiose self. The world has changed but it’s members are still using the same outdated grandiose language. It is kind of pathetic.

  25. kdknyc says

    First off, is it only me or does he look like the evil brother of “The Simpsons’ ” Mr. Burns?

    Secondly, using the church bulletin to attack a bill passed in the state legislature, while remaining tax-exempt? This is why we have separation of church and state. Revoke the tax-exempt status if they want to be involved in politics.

  26. Tim says

    These are so afraid they will loose control of Catholics. They want to stay in bedrooms and control what everyone one does or thinks. They are loosing and will continue as people wish to think for themselves.

  27. jamal49 says

    Dear Cardinal George:

    For the umpteenth thousand time, this is about CIVIL marriage. Repeat after me, Cardinal, IT’S ABOUT CIVIL MARRIAGE.

    I don’t want to get married in your stupid churches. I don’t want to be married with you officiating at my ceremony. I don’t want you to violate your “deeply-held” spiritual beliefs (even though those beliefs are suspect, corrupt and oppressive) and “force” you to do anything you don’t want to do.

    Live your faith, Cardinal. It obviously agrees with your petty, immoral, vile and vindictive little soul as well as with millions of your deluded adherents.

    But, Cardinal, I DO want you and your reprobate Catholic ass and all the other fetid, vile manifestations of that despicable “religion”, christianity”, to butt out of our secular, private, CIVIL lives.

    This is a secular affair. Sit down and shut your ugly, bigoted, Catholic mouth.

  28. Bill says

    @Michael: that study is not applicable in this case as a cardinal is sort of like a VP in a corporation and is supposed to parrot the organization’s position.

    Also, what that study did was to measure the reaction to gay porn using a gizmo that measures the diameter of a certain anatomical feature (won’t name it to avoid possible problems with Towleroad’s filters). While an increase in diameter can indicate arousal, that also happens when someone feels threatened: the authors mentioned that possibility as one they had not ruled out.

  29. says

    “There will be consequences for the Church and society that will become clearer as the law is used to sue for discrimination,” Cardinal George writes in a letter he asked to be placed in all church bulletins throughout the Chicago Archdiocese.

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