GLAAD Announces Sarah Kate Ellis as New President

GLAAD today announced Sarah Kate Ellis is its new President and CEO. Via press release:

EllisSarah Kate Ellis is an award-winning media executive, outspoken advocate for LGBT equality and salient communications strategist who has led national media brands to their biggest successes, most notably growing Real Simple into one of Time Inc.’s most respected and successful magazines. Her vision has transformed and energized leading media outlets including Vogue, InStyle, New York, and House & Garden. Most recently, she served as Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at Martini Media, a digital firm specializing in online branding, public relations and marketing. She has earned seven MIN Awards for marketing innovation, two President’s Awards, and MIN’s Sales Executive Team of the Year award in 2012.

As co-chair of OUT at Time Inc., she led programming to spotlight the diversity of the LGBT community and educated the organization’s straight allies on a wide range of LGBT issues. She is a member of Advertising Women of New York, Cosmetic Executive Women, and the Magazine Publishers of America. Ellis is also a Vestry member of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. Ellis earned her B.A. from Russell Sage College and also attended the Tuck Executive Education program at Dartmouth.

In 2011, Ellis co-authored a memoir with her wife, Kristen Ellis-Henderson, titled “Times Two, Two Women in Love and the Happy Family They Made," released by Simon & Schuster. The autobiography chronicled their simultaneous pregnancies and road to motherhood. The two are outspoken advocates for LGBT equality and were featured on the groundbreaking “Gay Marriage Already Won” cover of Time Magazine. They were also profiled in a special New York Times Style section devoted to marriage equality on the day it became legal in New York State and were the subjects of The Huffington Post's three-part documentary web series titled "Here Come The Brides." They were named one of GO Magazine's Most Captivating Couples of 2012 and are the proud mothers of two children. The couple held the first marriage ceremony performed for a same-sex couple in the Episcopal Church of New York State.

Said Steve Warren, National Co-Chair of GLAAD's Board of Directors: "GLAAD's unparalleled history in shifting American beliefs on LGBT families paved the way for our recent legal victories and will be instrumental in inspiring more and more Americans to stand with LGBT people and our families. We are excited to welcome Sarah Kate at a time when our community needs more of GLAAD's work in the media to share the stories that create real change."


  1. Buster says

    Sarah’s first task in her new job is to replace the PR staff member who crafted the sad and poorly written press release announcing Sarah’s appointment.

  2. Homo Genius says

    Doesn’t seem like this article used the word GAY once.

    Regardless, I never tire of seeing GLAAD patting themselves on the back.

  3. Jimmy TwoShoes says

    Because GLAAD and REAL SIMPLE have soooo much in common..Does anyone really care about this pathetic organization? All they do is give out awards and stay away from real issues and important activist efforts.

  4. Rick says

    Shame. GLAAD is willfully ignoring the fact that women are homophobic in an effort to pick a politically acceptable president. Such a token gesture does not fool realistic, conservative gay men for a second. Liberal gays and effeminate stereotypes may be fooled, however.

  5. Rick says

    My mother, for example, was so homophobic that she wouldn’t even let me perform fellatio on my grandfather. What kind of person does that? A woman, that’s who. Because they’re selfish.

  6. Rick says

    God, I’m so jealous of that b*tch. She’s so much prettier than me and wears that outfit way better than I ever could. I’m going to go cry under my poster of Marcus Bachmann and eat a whole pint of Chunky Monkey.

  7. Asam says

    Jon, Rick is right: women are homophobes. They just use gay men for laughs or as accessories. They don’t actually care about our cause. The same goes for liberals.

  8. Rick says

    Of course I’m right. My mother was so homophobic that she wouldn’t let me perform oral sex on my neighbor’s dog. How unfair is that? I explained to her that the dog wasn’t female, and she got this disgusted look on her face. Totally homophobic of her.

  9. Kev C says

    GLAAD is a fund raising organization. Their target donors are consumer women who watch Oprah, read HuffPo and buy women’s magazines.

  10. Tyler says

    Wow, three of Rick’s aliases came out to trash this woman. The majority of comments on this story have come from one guy. What a loser.

  11. says

    And the troll thinks you and I are the same person, Tyler. Oh the por deluded wee lamb.

    Note to Troll – if you spent as much time working on your insecurities as you obsessing over the lives of happily-openly-gay-young(er)-fellas, you’d actually have a life worth living 😀

    but’cha DON’T, Blanche! Ya DON’T have a life worth living 😀

  12. Kelldawgs says


    Jesus Christ they are the worst. Are they really gay men or just conservatrolls trying to divide and conquer through the lamest methods?

  13. says

    @Kell – I’m guessing either conservatrolls or those pathetic GOProud-style gay conservatives who hate in gay men everything that they’re not allowed to “be” or “do” lest their piece of s**t republican families hate them a little more than usual 😉

  14. ChristopherM says

    Wow, I ditch the comments section on here because of the bigots, come back a couple of months later, and what do you know? Rick is still a d!ckless nitwit who is terrified of vaginas. See you guys in another few months. Maybe Andy will wake up and fix this system finally.

  15. BETTY says

    KELLDAWGS: it was inevitable. The righties were on this site furiously during the last election saying black people were all homophobic, trying to drive a wedge so we wouldn’t vote for Obama (it was revealed in the press that NOM was deploying this tactic). So of course now that Hillary may be running and is the likely frontrunner, it’s “women hate gays”. Got to start laying the groundwork now!

  16. says

    @Betty: That makes sense. Whenever a tactic doesn’t work, the right-wing idiots keep doing it anyway, as witnessed by their 40 failed attempts to stop the ACA.

    It’s hillary-ious (see what I did there?) that the GOP is crapping their pants over Mrs. Clinton running in 2016, and she hasn’t even been nominated yet!

  17. PuffOfSmoke says

    Good luck Sarah Kate Ellis! :-)

    Rick et al. read like one schizophrenic person (paranoid cluster). It’s sad.

    @Betty. Thank you for that insight.

    @KellDawgs. It’s impossible to know for sure whether the writer is a conservatroll or an anti-gay gay person (including GOProud gay conservatives). When asking, ‘Is this an anti-gay gay person speaking?’ I would prefer to make a Type II error (false negative) and think that I’m dealing with a heterosexual conservatroll and possibly be wrong, than a type I error (false positive) and think that I’m dealing with a gay person with severe internalized homophobia and possibly be wrong, every time.
    Why? Because thinking you’re reading the words of a gay person who hates gays is disheartening and demoralizing. I would rather think I’m reading the words of a str8 person pretending to be gay for the effect I just described.

  18. Uffda says

    Wake up people, the leading anti-Rick troll is KIWI who has set the style for fake names and bottom-feeder filth. Ban this nasty piece of work and the tone of comment will rise like sunlight. Rick is merely a commenter with a point of view. KIWI is a sicko.

  19. RRick says

    None of the previous comments in this thread are from me, the real Rick, including the first one. It should be obvious to anyone with a functioning brain who has been around this blog for any amount of time that these comments were posted by Little Kiwi, under my name, acting as an impostor.

    I will, however, comment on this story by saying that no lesbian can possibly really understand gay male issues, particularly as it relates to media representations. Just last week, one of the few lesbians who comments on this site noted, innocently enough, that she just did not understand the whole “diva”/”female icon” thing with gay men……and there is no reason she should.

    Being a gay man in this society or any other is a totally different experience from being a lesbian–as different as being a man is from being a woman.

    SO to put a woman in charge of such an organization and ask her to deal effectively with media issues effecting gay men and male homosexuality is, yes, quite absurd.

    Also, in reading her bio, I could not help but thinking that no gay man who was married to a man and with children would EVER have been promoted to the level that she was because the bias against him, even in New York and even in the media business, would be so enormous…..even in the year 2013. The very fact that her experience as a lesbian in the workplace would be quite different from that of a gay man would also underscore how ridiculous it is to expect her to understand gay male experience in any meaningful way.

    That said, GLAAD had degenerated into a rubber stamp for every gay male stereotype under the sun, so she cannot possibly make things any worse than they already were.

  20. BETTY says

    UFFDA = RICK. I like how RICK says he didn’t say his original comment, but then proceeds to write stuff just as equally stupid and asinine! What a moron.

  21. Uffda says

    Hey Betty, I am no Rick though I always admire his “other” point of view. Sharpen the wit you think you have and it will help in your powers of discernment. Or just go back to bed for the day, and the one after that.

  22. says

    @UFFDA: having a different point of view is fine; being a misogynist, racist, anti-trans @$$hat is not. Almost every post by Rick and his alts is some rant blaming this or that on women, blacks, or trans people, with nothing to back it up aside his foaming-at-the-mouth nonsense. Dude needs to take that crap back to Fox News or Breitbart’s comments section, where they belong.

  23. Jason says

    I’m shocked by how few people actually know what GLAAD does and how effective they’ve been over the years… I think their problem is that they only make headlines over the big flashy stuff they do with celebrity, while all their REAL advocacy initiatives and successes get lost in the shadows of those other stories. Great organization — good for her.