1. Patric says

    Haven’t seen a roll call to confirm that she followed through on it but, when I was following the live tweeting of the Honolulu paper on the proceedings, openly lesbian House member Jo Jordan vowed to vote against the bill (meaning that she would be voting along colleagues who stated last night that the bill needed to be passed in order to “inoculate” children from being taught about homosexuality) as she said she needed more time to speak with her constituents. She received applause for her remarks. Pretty disgusting.

  2. Gregory in Seattle says

    “Let the people decide.” They DID decide, when they elected their Legislature. I am saddened that people are really that willfully ignorant of how representative democracy works.

  3. says

    For the life of me, I cannot understand what Jo Jordan was thinking. And just because she’s willing to throw her own rights under the bus doesn’t mean she should do that to others. It’s like when Elton John or Rupert Everett said because they don’t want to get married, gay marriage isn’t important.

    When will people understand that human rights should never be put to a vote? Hawaii isn’t so much governed by the Aloha spirit right now.

  4. whitneyisadude says

    Jo Jordan is a piece of self hating Uncle Tom trash. Or she’s got a mean case of Stockholm syndrome. Either way she needs therapy and medication. Voting against that bill is not going to make those bigots respect you, and you’ve just lost your respect from “the community.”

  5. Pete N SFO says

    Why is ‘testimony’ considered anything more than people giving their opinion? Unless you’re a credentialed professional, what difference does my equality under law have to do w/ your religious belief?

    And this Lesbian is supposed to be a lawmaker? Well, it appears she’s got the ‘politician’ part figured out.

    No, she wouldn’t be welcomed in my community.

  6. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “I might vote against something that I personally believe in. I personally believe I should have the right,” Jordan said. “You know how hard it is for me to say no? I have to say no.”

    If Jo Jordan believes she exists as a politician merely to record the loudest vote of the people, then she is proving her own obsolescence. We don’t need politicians for that. Decibel meters can do that.

  7. Macmantoo says

    What is disturbing is the Police Chief stated he would not enforce the law if it was passed. I would think he needs to be removed from his job if he’s not going to enforce the laws.

  8. HadenoughBS says

    Jo Jordan as a homophobic lesbian politician who’ll vote against his own equal rights? I think Ms. Jordan has much deeper problems than simply being homophobic. She needs a serious intervention.

  9. The Milkman says

    I’ll personally donate to her opponent the next chance I get. Might be the first time I donate to a bigot, but at least that bigot will be an honest bigot.

  10. woody says

    I’m glad the public comment sessions are over. That wasn’t a hearing. It was an assault planned in parish halls across Hawaii. And it was an assault where the speakers used “the children” as human shields.

  11. Scott says

    @DISGUSTED AMERICAN – “Hey black lady holding that sign”

    Assuming that anyone who is not white is black, is disgusting. You should visit, maybe live there for a few years. You might learn something.

  12. candideinnc says

    Jordan is unprincipled and evidently self hating. Supporting religious bigotry has never been the job of a politician. In this Republic, we expect politicians to use their judgment to enact legislation, not simply puppet what even a majority of their constituents believe.

  13. pedro says

    @DISGUSTED AMERICAN…that woman is not black. You hate black people so much that even staring into the eyes of a woman who is obviously a person of pacific-islander ethnicity you have to slam blacks. LOL! I always get a kick at casual white racism. As a latino I deal with it regularly.

  14. Lymis says

    The people DID vote, all the way back in 1998, when they amended their constitution to grant the authority to define who gets to marry to the legislature.

    (That should never have been allowed, because it’s a fundamental right, but that doesn’t change this fact.)

    Their Constitution now says that the people don’t get a direct vote on this any more. It is explicitly reserved to the legislature. Not to the people. Them’s the rules. Back to civics class.

  15. Kevin says

    Jo Jordon’s vote was all about politics.
    There was a thought that if this bill got killed,the current speaker of the house (Souki)would lose his job and the old one (Say) would get it back.
    And Jo Jordan would be rewarded with more power.
    End result though,she got stabbed in the back by Say who voted yes.
    Time to primary her,the damage she’s done in giving ammo to bigots can’t be forgiven.

  16. Jared Hayes says

    All of the hate in these comments is the really disgusting part of all of this. It’s nice to see how much progress we’ve made as human beings. We certainly don’t have to agree with her ludicrous vote, but spewing hate makes it that much more ugly…not a good look people…not a good look…

  17. HawaiiBill says

    Jo Jordan may “see the light” and change her vote on 3rd reading, but if she doesn’t, we will find the right Democrat to primary her and take her out. She’s got another chance to do the right thing, but the reality is, we don’t need her vote.

    A couple corrections:

    To the bigot who assumed the lady with the sign was black, you are wrong. She is of Pacific Islander heritage, and what the HELL does her color have to do with it?

    Also, the cop that is becoming famous for his testimony is not the police chief. It’s even worse; he’s the head of the police officers’ union. He’s getting creamed here.

  18. says

    The vote is great news. Looks like Hawaii is on track to be Sweet 16.

    I honestly cannot imagine what is going on inside the brain of a lesbian who had to listen to one bigoted moron after the next spew irrational nonsense opposing equality and then side with their hateful craziness against not only her own self interest but against the basic human dignity of her gay constituents. (Usually bigot testimony swings legislators to our side, if anything.) Inexlicable, shameful, deeply disturbing. (She needs to have a long look in the mirror and a psychiatric evaluation.)

  19. Mousemess says

    Jo Jordan,

    DO NO HARM TO YOUR OWN COMMUNITY! HI marriage equality is coming anyway and it will because of straight lawmakers like Kaniela Ing whose heart is bigger and kinder and more pro-LGBT than your shrunken, withered, petrified heart ever will be.

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