1. Onnyjay says

    C’mon T’road, tried to watch the Maddow clip and got 2 commercials. Don’t chase away your viewers.

  2. JackFknTwist says

    Token tolerance.
    Token inclusiveness.
    Concealed contempt.
    Not so concealed bigoted ‘councillors’ appointed.

    Does anyone need any more signals ?
    That’s quite the effort to undermined the spirit of the law.

    Are we seriously going to get complacent that DADT has been repealed and DOMA, [section 3 ONLY] found unconstitutional?

    We all really need to wake up – big time.

    There must be an independent, ie outside, inquiry into the USAFA to determine what ‘ex-gay’ snake oil is being peddled with taxpayer dollars.
    And who authorised the expenditure of public tax money on hocus-pocus.
    And what other rain-dances, mumbo-jumbo, voodoo, is being paid for by tax money.
    Or does the Military just spend what it wants on manipulated pet projects of influential right wing infiltrators ?
    Name those who spent tax money on “ex-gay” snake oil !!!

  3. Continuum says

    I’ve now written my 3rd email in 3 days to my congressman asking him to look into this matter.

    These evangelicals are hypocrites and sneaks.

    We need to make sure that Rosenbush and his kind are not sneakily converting the cadets into their Christo facist religious beliefs.

  4. jamal49 says

    The USAFA is INFESTED with evangelicals. And I mean the hard-core evangelicals who believe in dominionism and that “only godly men” should govern America. The USAF is a hot-bed of evangelical sedition and it is the one branch of service I fear most that would attempt a coup d’etat against our government.

  5. Bernie says

    wow! This is scary stuff……if the Air Force is really referring folks to “ex gay”/reparative therapy…..this is very unethical, unprofessional and just plain wrong

  6. Steve says

    The AFA is beyond salvaging and should be closed down. Things can never improve there as it is located in Colorado Springs.

  7. Jack M says

    Colorado Springs is a hotbed of raving Evangelical Christians with hate in their hearts. I shudder every time I hear the place mentioned.

  8. Steve says

    Scott Hines is very articulate, and I really liked the interview with Rachel. I grew up in the Springs, before F*** on the Family destroyed it. Fortunately I was long gone before they arrived. Such a beautiful place, ruined by hate. Loved Michele’s btw.

  9. says

    As one who survived the malpractice of this ‘reparative’ therapy and who now is a physician I can only add my voice to all humans to be cautious of any group or ‘expert’ who wants to teach your sons and daughters to blame you for their sexuality; to be cautious of any therapy designed to increase self hatred rather than to offer love, healing, and forgiveness. Reparative therapy tries to instill societal norms and rules rather than approaching the patient as an individual with real and innate humanness to start. The very concept of change is not mental health at its best. In most cases good mental health care is about learning self acceptance and healing wounds caused learning inappropriate survival skills for the conflicts we face as humans.

    Reparative therapy is at its core malpractice and dangerous to the health and mental stability of those being treated by such practitioners.

  10. Jexer says

    What a brilliantly evil scam. Instead of paying hot young men for sex… these wrinkled old ex-gay ‘therapists’ lure young men in, mind-f**k them, fondle them and CHARGE them for it.

    Can’t be made illegal in all states fast enough. Coerced intimacy and coerced secrecy afterwards… I fail to see how that’s any different than any other indicent of non-violent rape.

  11. Alan says

    The Air Force Academy has always had the worst reputation re: religion. Jews and athiests suffer there as well, which is where MRFF has focused. I’m glad their picking up this work as well.

  12. BETTY says

    Dear ONNYJAY:

    Please get some understanding of the internet. This video is a link to the MSNBC website. It is THEIR commercials at the beginning of the video NOT Towleroad’s. I know you want to complain about this big, bad website, but you are wrong in placing the blame on them.

    Having to watch a commercial at the beginning of every video on a news or television network website, heck even Youtube videos is pretty much standard these days. Get over it. Is your life that busy you can’t watch a commercial in order to see FREE content?



  13. Thomas Cardellino says

    Holy Mother of God! I can’t believe that Rachel Maddow actually called the concerted efforts of Dominionist Christians to undertake wholeheartedly their outspoken plan to take over the “seven mountains” of the US government starting with the US Air Force Academy a “geopolitical accident.” They moved to Colorado Springs for the same reason they have offices in Washington, DC. They want to turn the USA into a “pure” theocracy and they’re not at all shy about proclaiming just that purpose. What is it about their proselytizing that you do not get, Rachel?

  14. FFS says

    Super serious issue. Super glad that Rachel is shining a light on it. Gonna be super pissed if that charlatan isn’t given the boot.

    On the one had, reparative therapy is nonsense, abuse and should be outlawed. On the other hand, this particular incident is maybe not the best example to point to. I can hardly fault the ex-gay creep for his predation, cuz if I were left alone in a room with Scott Hines, I’d try to stick it in him, too.

  15. ThomT says

    Anyone who jumped out of the closet immediately following the repeal of DADT probably made a huge mistake career wise. Attitudes and prejudice do not change overnight and anyone who expected a big change, other than policy, was only fooling themselves. As a former sailor I came out to several of my shipmates with no adverse consequences but I also knew who to trust and who not to. If the military cannot get control of their serious sexual assault and rape problems don’t expect them to suddenly find tolerance of, and equality for, their LGBT comrades. Things will change, it will be a long slow process and the repeal of DADT was just the first step in what is going to be a long journey.

  16. Daniel says

    The religious nuts think the End Times are here based on their religious mythology and they want to trigger a war with the mideast Muslims. Christian nutters are as dangerous as Islamist nutters. Completely replace the leadership at the Academy to restore confidence.