1. bandanajack says

    and that’s not the only time he went on the record speaking out for equality in this skirmish. he’s not in my district, but i can’t wait for him to go national so i can vote for him. he really, deep down, gets it.

  2. emjayay says

    Awesome speech. He’s a Democrat (of course) and youngest rep. Also incidently thin (no diet of Spam for him) and really cute. You can hear the emotion in his voice. Is there an opening coming up in Congress for him? I don’t know anything else about him, but this will do.

  3. AriesMatt says

    Wow. What an inspiration! One of the most moving and insightful testimonials I’ve seen to date. Was he choking up a few times or just losing his place? Looked to me like he was choking up, which makes it even more touching. My eyes were welling up watching this. Beautiful!

  4. jimbryant says

    Hang on a sec. How do you know that Mr Ing is straight? Is it because he says he’s straight? If so, why do you take him at his word? How do you know he’s never had a relationship – or feelings – for a male?

    Good on him for his comments but let’s not jump into this straight/gay dichotomy in the name of ally-building. Allies are fine but not when they reinforce a wall of separation within male sexuality.

    Let’s not fall for the straight/gay division which is so beloved of bloggers.

  5. says

    There was a lot ugly exposed in these hearings … when Har was challenged and told that the ugly was coming from inside herself and she frothed over like Santorum … ‘now I’m a bigot, a hater?’

    Kaniela Ing made all that a little easier to bear by talking of personal connections to the plight of LGBT and non traditional families. He does get it. In his heart he gets it. Words can only say thanks so much so yeah we’ll have to show him how much we appreciate a legislator that is a true servant of the people and champion of equality by supporting him in future elections.

    Aloha! Kaniela Ing, from our hearts.

  6. Mike says


    Now HE is exhilarating . . .

    Any possible boredom that there might have been lurking somewhere in the remainder of this Sunday just vanished.

    Thank you SO much for posting this Andy!

  7. says

    When a legislator speaks from the heart and so totally gets it, it does make you emotional. He didn’t just destroy hate tropes about LGBT, he also spoke to the value of all non traditional homes like his own, a single Mom. Imagine having to listen to 5000 people tell you that a family has to have a Mom & a Dad when your own experience was that a single loving Mother raised you well enough to become a State legislator at 24.

    Just want to say this again. Thank you Kaniela Ing for standing up for my Family. We’ll always be grateful that your single Mom raised such an outstanding kid.

  8. Rob Zimmerman says

    Idea: Show support for Kaniela Ing by going to his website and making a donation. I just donated $25. The best way for us to encourage state legislators to take brave stands for equal rights is to support their campaign funds. TAKE ACTION!

  9. JT says

    Mr. Ing really is a hero and stupendous ally to our gay community. What a great speech. His parents can be proud they raised a good man. I hope Hawaii passes equal marriage and can add their great state to the others who have managed to treat our marriages as equal to their heterosexual ones. It is right and just to do so.

  10. Gigi says

    @JIMBRYANT — “How do you know that Mr Ing is straight? Is it because he says he’s straight?” Give me a break! If he says he’s straight, he’s straight until he tells us otherwise. Why is it so difficult that we could have strong, straight supporters? I have lots of them in my life. Most of us do.
    Sorry that you don’t.

  11. Craig Nelson says

    Wow. Just wow. You will go quite a long time before you hear a speech so simple, direct, from the heart, eloquent, persuasive. Let the people decide who to marry!!

  12. Cristan says

    How wonderful is it that we have advocates like this who are willing to explain that it is not a choice? As much as we are dismissed marginalized and persecuted, we are blessed to have peeps who go to bat and explain it to the people who don’t think. Let’s get the critically-thinking averse out of politics!

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