1. kevin says

    Wasn’t the internet in existence in 1994? I was in college at the time and remember looking at gay sites in the computer lab.

  2. Grover Underwood says

    I think the internet was pretty much limited to colleges in the mid 90s. Your average 14 year old probably wouldn’t have had access to it, I’m guessing

  3. Jason Z says

    A link to the funding page would be super helpful. I’m probably not the only one who’d chip in a few bucks to help this production out.

  4. m says

    internet or not its about coming of age and the awkwardness of being a gay teen. being a teen is enough by itself without your hormones going nuts. it does kind of capture the feeling of being a bit on edge about being different without going too far.

  5. Rawn says

    @Kevin Internet’s been around since the 70’s, but it wasn’t open to the public for a long time.

  6. unruly says

    By 1994 the internet was in full swing. Netscape was at version 2 or 3 and Internet Explorer was released the very next year.

  7. chris says

    The internet was hardly in “full swing’ in 1994. It existed, but I don’t remember anyone using it, or even knowing what to do with it. I remember trying those free trials of aol in 1995 or so, but beyond chat rooms, I don’t remember having any clue what to use it for.

  8. G says

    1994? Some people had dial up, it was still Compuserve then too. And it took FOREVER to even download a single photo from the old BBSes. And then after 20 minutes of waiting, hoping your parents don’t need the phone line,or walk in on you, the photo finally finishes and 50% of the time it ended up being one you didn’t even enjoy.

    But you still scrambled to save it onto your 3.5 JUST IN CASE. haha.

  9. G says

    And then AOL came around, speeds got a little better, but the thrill of the M4M chat rooms was exhilarating for a 14 year old. I swear the old AOL dial up sound still turns me on. :)

  10. cam456 says

    oh, i remember the early days of the internet and cruising newsgroups for dirty pics. taking FOREVER to download one crappy pic. one time, i was in the office on a weekend and took a ‘break’ looking for some. i printed one out but forgot about it in the shared printer. monday morning, i heard a shriek in the copy room and suddenly realised what happened. of course, i and everyone denied having any knowledge of it. doh!

  11. Randy says

    I’m glad to see short films covered on Towleroad.

    Regarding the internet in 1984, I started using the internet around 1989. There were newsgroups, email, and gopher. Very few web pages, if any. AOL destroyed it. I still curse them.

  12. Billy O says

    OMG thats the guy from the short film DARE!!! GAH LOVED HIM IN THAT!!! Why hasn’t he made it yet!!!

  13. steve says

    the lead actor was believable – good stuff…and I thought the imaginary porn star that talks to him was a pretty cool way of helping the story. I certainly think that a high-quality young adult full-length film telling the story of gay youth in an authentic & honest way would be amazing to see, and in my opinion certainly hasn’t happened. There are just so many stories that have not been told regarding the gay experience, especially growing up gay.

  14. BigGuy says

    Really loved the movie. Who cares if the Net was usable by the average teen at that time. It’s the idea of the movie and it’s very cool and very well done. Great idea! I loved the porn star actor Adam Fleming. He was wonderful in “Dare”. It’s great to see him again. I wish he was utilized a lot more. He’s got such an interesting face that really stands out and he’s a good actor. Are you listening Indie movie makers. I want to see a lot more of Adam and well, you know SEE a LOT more. LOL.