1. Mike says

    The video of Secretary of State John Kerry is STILL not available on my and I am certain other computers. This only serves to give a platform for Republicans and other knee jerk naysayers to speak and is therefore UNFAIR to the Obama White House and all Democrats who have worked hard to put this plan together. There WILL be international monitoring now! As for the sanctions they can be turned on again at any time if with no consequence if Iran should fail to EVEN slightly keep their pledge . . .

  2. jamal49 says

    Within minutes of the announcement, the Republicans were already denouncing the accord. No effort to review the terms. No attempt to understand how significant were the concessions that the Iranians gave. No understanding that reaching rapprochement with Iran will give us GREATER leverage in the Middle East, which the U.S. sorely needs.

    Of course, this is a U.N.-sponsored effort which would be an anathema to the Republicans regardless. But, and as with the ACA, Republicans will reject this at their own peril. If it succeeds, and in six months time we can make even greater headway with Iran and continue the thaw in our troubled relationship with that ancient people, it will be hailed as one of Mr. Obama’s great foreign policy achievements.

    Which means the Republicans will do everything they can, including behind-the-scenes-sedition to encourage Israel to bomb Iran and be as obstreperous and obstructionist as possible.

  3. HOCKEYJOCK says

    Some Americans seem to believe that just because the US wants another country to do something, they have to do it. This blows my mind. What arrogance.

    I’d just like to point out how hypocritical it is to tell one country it cannot have nuclear research/programs, when your OWN nation has thousands stockpiled, ready to destroy the entire planet, and has a history of bombing other countries with them. Given that fact, wouldn’t Iran want to have nukes, based solely on the fact the USA (among other nations, such as it’s best friend Israel, right next to Iran) has them?

    ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ has never been a convincing or fair argument. How do people not understand that…?

  4. ElCid says

    Well, yes. I think it is extremely dangerous (and even foolish) to trust Iran’s new government, so quick and easily. It looks almost as if the “big” powers are more enthusiasts about the agreement than the Iranian government itself. And that is not a great picture.

  5. Jack says

    The only foolish thing is to trust Likud. Likud has no respect for America and no respect for Democracy. The only thing that Bibi wants is for tens of thousands of Americans to die so he can continue his genocide against the Palestinian people. Why do you think the overwhelming majority of American Jews cant stand the man??

  6. m says

    a nuclear iran is too scary to consider. this is a place tightly controlled by a few crazy and intolerant wingnuts who should have retired long ago. the very same place that claims they don’t have any gay people. regardless of what other countries are doing we’re stupid for taking them at their word. iran is very sophisticated and all the cards are not on the table.

  7. Bill says

    They (Kerry and Obama) are doing the right thing. Contrary to the right-wing, Saturday-morning-cartoon view of the world, Iran is not a monolith internally. What we are apparently doing is to reduce the sanctions slightly for a short time period in exchange for putting mechanisms in place to make sure they are not developing nuclear weapons. That slight reduction in sanctions gives their new president Hassan Rouhani a strong argument to use internally to get “Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei” to buy into the program because Rouhani can show that negotiations are working. Khamenei has an incentive to get the sanctions to end – those sanctions result in an unhappy population, which can start to get rebellious and Khamenei, like all “Supreme Leaders”, can be trusted to look after numero uno. When the hard liners try to lobby Khamenei by telling him that there’s no point to stopping a weapons program because [insert “Great Satan” of your choice] is an implacable enemy, Rouhani can use the reduction in sanctions as a counter argument.

  8. Lee says

    Bill the president is a puppet the ayotolla is the leader and he hates everything modern they should have bomb Iran years ago and ended this evil once and for and bill your an anti Semite and most American Jews jack proud stand by Likud since its the party of the greatest jewish leader of the last century begin who stood up for our rights during the British and Arabs genocides in Israel.

  9. m says


    it sounds like you’re saying that khomeni is rational. just wanted to know if that’s what you’re thinking. the other thing is technically didn’t iran declare war against the us by attacking a us embassy in the 1980’s. i don’t understand how its possible to negotiate with them about anything before the matter of being at “war” with them is settled. even if you could trust them what is an agreement worth?

  10. Moz's says


    then why did a majority not vote for likud in the last election?

    In fact the center left party got the majority of the vote

    Oh, facts get in the way of your crazy. Likud was beat in the election BUT since Israel is a parliamentary system likud formed a coalition with even crazier far right religous parties to cement its hold on the kinesset

  11. Tiger says

    We don’t want Iran to have a nuke because then they could use that nuke – we should have them either, but there was no bigger power to stop us from having them, and the US having them proves the point – the only reason we have them is to threaten to use them. That’s what Iran would do as well. Of course it’s not “fair,” but that’s the way it is. The only reason we dealt with Russia all through the ’80s was because they had nukes, and worse, were nuts enough to use them. The best way to absolutely prevent that in the future is for a country to never get them at all, not get them and then promise not to use them.

  12. JackFknTwist says

    Now can we please get the same deal from crazy Israel ?
    Will Israel stop enriching uranium also and dismantle their illegal nuclear programme ?

    Forget that posturing peacock, Bibi, and let Israel abide by International law also.

    As for @ LEE, “they should have bombed Iran years ago” ..who,USA or Israel ?
    And hasn’t the USA been continually at war for ever ?

  13. Bill says

    @M: I’ve read that experts on Iran believe that they are rational and that they make relatively safe decisions given a specific objective: keeping their jobs. If they are rational, you can trust them to try to do what is in their self interest. Part of the job of the U.S. State Department and the CIA is to determine what they view as their self interests. Being rational does not make them good guys. but it does make some things predictable.

    To put it in simple terms, if you are dealing with a bald-faced liar, that doesn’t mean you can’t trust the guy if the deal is mutually beneficial and if he has more to lose by reneging than by doing what he promised. That seems to be more or less what Kerry is saying we are doing, but of course as a diplomat he can’t say it that crudely.

    Also, while their Islamic beliefs may seem a bit odd to westerners, for analysis purposes those are simply treated as premises. If they are behaving rationally, they will do what is implied by their premises.

  14. Bill says

    @Lee: I saw your second comment indicating a typo when you put in my name but meant to reply to “BigBlackMariah”. Calling that person an anti-semite is completely unacceptable as he was simply indicating displeasure with a country (due to the policies of its government) and a U.S. political party. Such name calling against a commenter not only trivialize real antisemitism but could be construed as libel and defamation of character.

  15. Victor says

    And “coincidentally” China announced that anyone flying into the zone of the islands, whose possession it disputes with Japan, will need to announce themselves to the Chinese authorities or they will be attacked. Chuck Hagel said: “We remain steadfast in our commitments to our allies and partners.” But these are just hollow words, American influence in the Middle East (and elsewhere) has shrunk. It’s not just Israel that we alienated with this decision. It’s also the Saudis and the Gulf states.

  16. JohnAGJ says

    I hope I’m wrong but this deal will be broken by Iran before the ink is dry – just like the one we struck before with North Korea. The nuclear arms race in the Middle East has just been green-lighted as states like Saudi Arabia and Egypt won’t stand for Iranian hegemony over them. War just became a real possibility.

  17. JohnAGJ says

    Btw, now more than ever we need to ramp up oil production here in the States. If war does happen having our own supply without having to depend on even the shrinking amount we buy from the region would be best.

  18. Lee says

    Bill israel is the personification on the Jewish people to deam and that we accept the Arabs genocide agianst us is anti Semitic. Moz’s you dont know any thig about Israeli elections its based on proportion true Likud-ysrael didn’t win a majority but they won a plurality as they won the most seats(31) since its multiple party its near imposes able for one party to win a straight majority. Also the collation is made of four parties Likud-ysrael( center right), yish atid(moderate), haunta(center left), & Jewish home(right) so yes actually a larger number did vote for the Likud but they also have a center right govt made of both moderate and right wing parties

  19. Bill says

    @Lee: the commenter you replied to had used “Israel” to refer to its government, and the Israeli government is every bit as capable of making mistakes as the U.S. government or any other democratic government.

    I might refer readers to an article in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz : : it seems there is a tactic among right-wing Israeli supporters of calling anyone who disagrees with Netanyahu’s policies anti-semitic. It is quite frankly a despicable tactic.

  20. MaryM says

    Israel can f*** right off.

    Iran faces an existential threat from Israel’s nukes.

    Unless Israel discards their own nukes then its opinion is utterly irrelevant and unnecessary.

  21. Cycledoc says

    This is an opportunity to control proliferation in the Middle East. Israel has had nucs for years and their unstated presence unbalances the equilibrium there. The Irani’s undoubtedly would like to have them,but perhaps the sanctions have finally had some effect. The current agreement is an opportunity to test their willingness to negotiate.

    As an aside, Israel and the Saudis use us as their client nation in their power struggles in the region i.e. we, the U.S., “must” support their aims and goals even if they disadvantage us. Perhaps this agreement will unsettle those rather bizarre relationships.

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