1. MaryM says

    Considering how the USA spies on its own citizens and its allies with complete impunity I hardly think we are in any position to be mocking.

    The NSA is spying group that pretends to be ‘fighting terrorism’ but in reality is just harvesting information on everyone, for unknown, but probably sinister purposes.

    I hope Edward Snowden is given refugee status in Germany – as he will clearly face persecution in the USA.

  2. Polyboy says


    Espionage is espionage.

    And by leaving out the CIA in your little diatribe, as everyone seems to be doing, the USA’s espionage apparatus is sitting pretty.

    Then again, I wonder if the CIA outsources too and if they have a better vetting process?

  3. MaryM says

    Espionage – on whose part?

    I hope you mean how the USA spies on its own citizens and the citizens of its allies?

    The NSA is an enemy of the US citizenry.

    Edward Snowden has revealed that the US government and its agencies think that we deserve no right privacy because of some mythical threat of ‘terrorism’ which has never been shown to be real.

    The USA – subverting democracy since 9/11/2001.

  4. Strepsi says

    RE: ‘only someone making a “schoolboy error” would have actually attempted to use the devices on their own machines because the security concerns were “obvious.”

    I recall reading that something like 80% of viruses and security leaks are caused by employees doing just that! i.e. taking their personal laptop and plugging it into the company server, and in one study picking up a USB in the parking lot and plugging it into their company computer to see what was on it. Executives are the worst (because they feel entitled to plug their own sjit into anything).

    So it would not surprise me at all if the Kremlin had gotten some good data.

  5. Deee! says

    For the last damn time: ALL modern governments spy on their citizens. And no, they’re not doing it to catch you in your birthday suit. It’s mostly for safety concerns. They also spy on each other. That’s why they have spies. You really need to get over the bridge on this issue and stop acting there’s a plot to kidnap you. The government has been spying on you for years, and it affected you so little that you didn’t notice. Stop being paranoid.

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