1. Nick says

    After the jury imposed the 1¢ fine, the judge vacated it. The law in KY only stipulates that a jury must impose a fine if there is a verdict of guilty, it also grants the judge wide latitude to modify the fine however he or she sees fit.

  2. Eric Gonzalez says

    It’s not a felony, the “crime” they were barely convicted of is a misdemeanour, and carry about as much weight as Jay walking in many cities which is much more expensive. No weight will be carried.

  3. anon says

    Oh, the larger issue of ham-sandwich prosecutions that plague US jurisprudence was dealt a severe blow here. Don’t make your every prosecution a case of full-on disobedience punishment because in many cases disobedience itself will not be punished! If you understand the concept of civil law then this is very re-assuring, but I’m afraid most attorneys have only a wretched view of total subjugation to the state in mind when they prosecute.

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