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Mary Cheney and Wife Heather Poe Lash Out at Liz Cheney Over Opposition to Gay Marriage: VIDEO


Mary Cheney and her wife Heather Poe lashed out at Wyoming Senate candidate Liz Cheney after an appearance on Fox News Sunday in which she asserted her belief in "traditional marriage."

Watch Cheney's FNS appearance, AFTER THE JUMP...

Cheney_poeWrote Poe on her Facebook page:

I was watching my sister-in-law on Fox News Sunday (yes Liz, in fifteen states and the District of Columbia you are my sister-in-law) and was very disappointed to hear her say "I do believe in the traditional definition of marriage."

Liz has been a guest in our home, has spent time and shared holidays with our children, and when Mary and I got married in 2012 - she didn't hesitate to tell us how happy she was for us. 

To have her now say she doesn't support our right to marry is offensive to say the least

I can't help but wonder how Liz would feel if as she moved from state to state, she discovered that her family was protected in one but not the other. 

I always thought freedom meant freedom for EVERYONE.

Mary agreed:

Couldn't have said it better myself. Liz - this isn't just an issue on which we disagree - you're just wrong - and on the wrong side of history.


Writes the NYT: "Such comments could present political difficulties to Liz Cheney, who is trying to unseat Mr. Enzi by running to his right. Former Vice President Dick Cheney has already said that he supports same-sex marriage, but the matter is now plainly causing intense family friction."

Here's the transcript of Liz Cheney's FNS appearance:

WALLACE: Some of your conservative critics and, frankly, some of the Enzi people, say that you have flipped positions on some issues to try to attract voters that you didn't previously hold. You now say that you oppose same sex marriage, but they point out that in 2009, you opposed a constitutional amendment -- I know you say it's a state issue -- a constitutional amendment that would have banned same sex marriage and they point out that you supported the State Department offering benefits to same sex partners. They say that's a flip.

CHENEY: It's not and I stand by both of those positions. I don't believe we've got to discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation. If people are in a same sex relationship and they want their partner to be able to have health benefits or be designated as a beneficiary on their life insurance, there's no reason they shouldn't do that. I also don't support amending the constitution on this issue. I do believe it's an issue that's got to be left up to the state. I do believe in the traditional definition of marriage.


WALLACE: You talk about your position against same sex marriage. Your sister, Mary, who is married to a woman, put out this post. She said, "For the record, I love my sister," you, "but she is dead wrong on the issue of marriage."

CHENEY: Yes. And I -- listen, I love Mary very much. I love her family very much. This is just an issue in which we disagree.

Watch a portion of the interview, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. I just values at work...."I don't believe we've got to discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation". But ya do, Blanche, but ya do.

    Posted by: woodroad34 | Nov 17, 2013 2:44:28 PM

  2. Typical politician. She's whoring herself out for votes. No backbone when it comes to either stance. Throw her on the dock while she flip-flops.

    Posted by: Sean Maloney | Nov 17, 2013 2:49:04 PM

  3. Mary Cheney, prior to wedding her girlfriend, was one of the architects of the Bush/Cheney anti-gay campaign strategies in 2000 and 2004.

    For her now to express outrage over anti-gay laws is beyond hypocritical.

    Posted by: Kevin | Nov 17, 2013 2:51:46 PM

  4. WHere the heck is my comment?

    Posted by: BobN | Nov 17, 2013 3:01:30 PM

  5. @KEVIN: "For her now to express outrage over anti-gay laws is beyond hypocritical."

    No, that's evolution.

    Posted by: James in Toronto | Nov 17, 2013 3:02:18 PM

  6. Cheneys aren't even decent to other Cheneys. Maybe they'll all devour each other like snakes.

    Posted by: Richard | Nov 17, 2013 3:06:27 PM

  7. It's one thing to sell out your own sister to win an election. It's quite another to sell out your own sister in an election you are almost certainly going to lose. What kind of sociopath does one have to be in order to stoop so low with nothing to gain?

    Posted by: Houndentenor | Nov 17, 2013 3:24:26 PM

  8. Awkward Thanksgiving.

    Posted by: Fox | Nov 17, 2013 3:43:30 PM

  9. Uppity dykes.

    Posted by: Endorado | Nov 17, 2013 4:20:05 PM

  10. Those ladies just need some c*ck very badly.

    Posted by: JimBryant | Nov 17, 2013 4:27:30 PM

  11. Why should anyone be surprised? This is what the Republicans do: they eat their own. Mary Cheney is a hypocrite for supporting her party's anti-gay agenda under Bush/Cheney, and so is Liz now for playing both sides. Naturally, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. They learned how to do this from their father.

    These people have obscene amounts of money. They can do whatever the hell they want. Laws don't apply to them. So for them to have this public spat is just more self-centered behavior on their part. The whole family can go to hell. Not a single one of them has the slightest clue what it means to have a moral backbone.

    Posted by: atomic | Nov 17, 2013 4:33:17 PM

  12. Notice that it's Mary's wife who actually calls Liz out and then Mary agrees (probably figuring better peace at home than with her wretched family over Thanksgiving). Is there anyone, liberal or conservative, aside from the rubes at FOX News, who doesn't want to barf at the thought of Liz Cheney in elected office? Appropriately, she'll lose.

    Posted by: Ernie | Nov 17, 2013 5:12:09 PM

  13. liz learned lying from the best of them her father dickies cheney , the man who didn't hesitate to send young men to die in a war based on lies, but didn't have the balls to serve when it was his time . this family actually deserves each other since mary contributed to anti gay candidates .

    Posted by: walter | Nov 17, 2013 5:39:43 PM

  14. I love my sister and her family except for the equality part.

    Posted by: MARCUS BACHMANN | Nov 17, 2013 5:52:56 PM

  15. They are all thoroughly despicable. Just wretched and low.

    Posted by: kdknyc | Nov 17, 2013 6:35:28 PM

  16. Didn't the election already happen?

    Posted by: anon | Nov 17, 2013 7:35:52 PM

  17. An important lesson for us all: getting thrown under the bus is what happens when your sister is an amoral, vulgar, carpetbagging opportunist whose only loyalty is to herself and to her raw, venal ambition. By the time Liz's campaign crashes and burns in the Wyoming Republican senatorial primary, the Cheneys will be a friendless, shattered ex-family who despise each other. Couldn't happen to more deserving people.

    Posted by: Jim | Nov 17, 2013 7:49:00 PM

  18. I'm sure this is all orchestrated to boost Liz's campaign. It's the same talking point that's been circulating the GOP for a year or more: "If my [loved one] were gay I'd tell [him/her] I love [him/her] but [marriage is between one man and one woman / children deserve a mom and a dad]." The Cheney's are just exploiting the fact that Liz can actually put the talking point into practice in front of the media.

    Posted by: JJ | Nov 17, 2013 7:50:34 PM

  19. @Anon: The primary is next year, but with Liz 50+ points behind, it may as well be over. Throwing family under the bus doesn't win votes, surprise.

    Posted by: Ernie | Nov 17, 2013 7:58:04 PM

  20. and a big thanks to the dems who made your marriage possible

    Posted by: t | Nov 17, 2013 8:15:21 PM

  21. The gigantic, flaming crunt opens its fetid, malodorous maw once again and would attempt speech. How awful. Warn the citizens!!! Take cover!! The children!! Run!! It is a Cheney!!

    Posted by: Geoff | Nov 17, 2013 8:25:16 PM

  22. Nothing that happens with the Cheneys isn't meticulously planned, because the most successful criminals leave nothing to chance.

    Of course Liz Cheney doesn't give a damn one way or the other about marriage equality -- she only cares about power and what she has to do or say to get more. She thinks saying this will get her the crazy vote, because she sure as hell ain't getting the sane vote no matter what.

    All politics is theatre and Republican politics use theatre specifically to distract their crazy, idiotic base from the facts. As with all the despicable things they do, you can bet all the Cheneys are following the script they all agreed to down to the last detail.

    Posted by: oncemorewithfeeling | Nov 17, 2013 9:44:33 PM

  23. Opposing homosexuality are feasible, but it's really hard if u wanted to stop them

    Posted by: Amanda | Nov 17, 2013 10:14:11 PM

  24. I don't understand why people oppose homosexuality.

    Posted by: Amanda | Nov 17, 2013 10:16:56 PM

  25. Liz Cheney is as vile and despicable as her father.

    Posted by: jamal49 | Nov 17, 2013 11:53:50 PM

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