1. woodroad34 says

    I just laugh…family values at work….”I don’t believe we’ve got to discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation”. But ya do, Blanche, but ya do.

  2. Sean Maloney says

    Typical politician. She’s whoring herself out for votes. No backbone when it comes to either stance. Throw her on the dock while she flip-flops.

  3. Kevin says

    Mary Cheney, prior to wedding her girlfriend, was one of the architects of the Bush/Cheney anti-gay campaign strategies in 2000 and 2004.

    For her now to express outrage over anti-gay laws is beyond hypocritical.

  4. James in Toronto says

    @KEVIN: “For her now to express outrage over anti-gay laws is beyond hypocritical.”

    No, that’s evolution.

  5. Richard says

    Cheneys aren’t even decent to other Cheneys. Maybe they’ll all devour each other like snakes.

  6. says

    It’s one thing to sell out your own sister to win an election. It’s quite another to sell out your own sister in an election you are almost certainly going to lose. What kind of sociopath does one have to be in order to stoop so low with nothing to gain?

  7. atomic says

    Why should anyone be surprised? This is what the Republicans do: they eat their own. Mary Cheney is a hypocrite for supporting her party’s anti-gay agenda under Bush/Cheney, and so is Liz now for playing both sides. Naturally, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. They learned how to do this from their father.

    These people have obscene amounts of money. They can do whatever the hell they want. Laws don’t apply to them. So for them to have this public spat is just more self-centered behavior on their part. The whole family can go to hell. Not a single one of them has the slightest clue what it means to have a moral backbone.

  8. says

    Notice that it’s Mary’s wife who actually calls Liz out and then Mary agrees (probably figuring better peace at home than with her wretched family over Thanksgiving). Is there anyone, liberal or conservative, aside from the rubes at FOX News, who doesn’t want to barf at the thought of Liz Cheney in elected office? Appropriately, she’ll lose.

  9. walter says

    liz learned lying from the best of them her father dickies cheney , the man who didn’t hesitate to send young men to die in a war based on lies, but didn’t have the balls to serve when it was his time . this family actually deserves each other since mary contributed to anti gay candidates .

  10. Jim says

    An important lesson for us all: getting thrown under the bus is what happens when your sister is an amoral, vulgar, carpetbagging opportunist whose only loyalty is to herself and to her raw, venal ambition. By the time Liz’s campaign crashes and burns in the Wyoming Republican senatorial primary, the Cheneys will be a friendless, shattered ex-family who despise each other. Couldn’t happen to more deserving people.

  11. JJ says

    I’m sure this is all orchestrated to boost Liz’s campaign. It’s the same talking point that’s been circulating the GOP for a year or more: “If my [loved one] were gay I’d tell [him/her] I love [him/her] but [marriage is between one man and one woman / children deserve a mom and a dad].” The Cheney’s are just exploiting the fact that Liz can actually put the talking point into practice in front of the media.

  12. says

    @Anon: The primary is next year, but with Liz 50+ points behind, it may as well be over. Throwing family under the bus doesn’t win votes, surprise.

  13. Geoff says

    The gigantic, flaming crunt opens its fetid, malodorous maw once again and would attempt speech. How awful. Warn the citizens!!! Take cover!! The children!! Run!! It is a Cheney!!

  14. oncemorewithfeeling says

    Nothing that happens with the Cheneys isn’t meticulously planned, because the most successful criminals leave nothing to chance.

    Of course Liz Cheney doesn’t give a damn one way or the other about marriage equality — she only cares about power and what she has to do or say to get more. She thinks saying this will get her the crazy vote, because she sure as hell ain’t getting the sane vote no matter what.

    All politics is theatre and Republican politics use theatre specifically to distract their crazy, idiotic base from the facts. As with all the despicable things they do, you can bet all the Cheneys are following the script they all agreed to down to the last detail.

  15. emjayay says

    Once again I wish that this fab site I like so much had a decent comment system with some kind of thumbs up/like thingy. Anyway, enjoyed your comments guys.

  16. RonCharles says

    In the long run, Mary Cheney’s and Heather Poe’s marriage and their current and open support for gay rights and gay marriage is going to weaken resistance against gay rights within the Republican Party itself. One can already see this happening. Not only is that hate campaign against gays being waged by the far-right going to lose, but, also, Liz Cheney is likely to lose her race for the Wyoming State Senate, too.

  17. CPT_Doom says

    @James in Toronto:

    “@KEVIN: ‘For her now to express outrage over anti-gay laws is beyond hypocritical.’

    No, that’s evolution.”

    Sorry, I ain’t buying it. Nine years ago, Mary Cheney was helping to implement the anti-gay campaign strategies of the Bush/Cheney re-election campaign – reportedly even orchestrating the faux outrage when John Kerry “outed” her during the third Presidential debate (she’d been out for years). She was already out at the time and with her current spouse. Although she very may well have believed civil unions were a better political option in 2004, it is impossible to fathom that she would believe the anti-gay crap spewed by the Bush/Cheney campaign, including flyers declaring a Kerry win would mean not only gay marriage but also the banning of the bible.

    No, Mary did what far too many rich, privileged people did. She got hers, by aligning herself with the Haliburton fortune (including ensuring she was the bio mom of their two kids, so they have a blood link to the blood money), and screwed over the rest of the LGBT community. Then she blithely used her privilege to come into the District of Columbia – a jurisdiction where she does not pay a dime in taxes – and avail herself of the marriage rights available here – rights that were the direct result of years of activists fighting exactly the anti-gay rhetoric Mary STILL continues to support with her political donations.

  18. Chuck Mielke says

    Such sloppy language. One can’t oppose “homosexuality,” just as one can’t oppose gravity or chemical bonding or terror. These things exist as parts of the natural universe. One can oppose people who express homosexual behaviors; people fuss over this all the time and, in a country that prides itself on individual freedom and equality, such opposition glares with hypocrisy, the elitism of privilege, and the tyranny of the majority.

  19. WeHo says

    “I do believe it’s an issue that’s got to be left up to the state. I do believe in the traditional definition of marriage.”

    Terrible bigot … to say the same thing Barack Obama said during his campaign.




  21. cameron says

    Here’s the message: Liz Cheney is willing to betray her own sister to get elected — what will she do for you?

  22. Kathy Robosan says

    To me, I do not consider Liz Cheney to be a good Wyoming Senator Candidate. She does not seem to be honest and possibly a hypocrite. She may fit in as a republican based on her same-sex marriage views, but not as an equal rights supporter. However, she is entitled to her opinion. Since same-sex marriage is truly gaining momentum as an equal right, before she commits to running she should honestly know with all certainty she would support the citizens she represents – by accepting a majority vote outcome. All Politian’s need to keep in mind their vote(s) should reflect the majority consensus of the citizens in their District.