1. Matt says


    Lol! Another great alphabet soup fail. Did “LGBTQ Connect” decide to throw all the Qs under the bus? Or did they just forget their own name? And by the way, which of the 2 Qs was betrayed? Homeless “queers” or homeless “questioning” people?

    This is what happens when you build your identity around an ideologically contrived lie. You can’t even keep the lies straight within a single news story. And it isn’t just the headline writer. Go check out the video. They can’t decide if they are helping the Qs or not! And why has nobody mentioned the I’s and the A’s and Ps?!

    There is no such thing as LGBT. LGBT and all of its many variations are artificial and arbitrary, so you inevitably see fails like this.

  2. Paul R says

    Ignoring assfaces like Matt above, I live a block from the LGBT center and didn’t know of this. Yet I’ve (oddly) allowed three homeless guys to stay in my place over the past year. They were down on their luck, and no I never had sex with any of them. It’s a hideous problem given that most are HIV+, ADD or ADHD, and using a ton of drugs. It hasn’t always ended up well, but SF is a magnet for such things. Also, I’m kind of an idiot. Too much empathy.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    You’re a good man, PAUL R. But I’ve known that ever since you first appeared on this blog.