1. Joey Y says

    Um, they aren’t closet cases – they are straight allies with longtime girlfriends. And I don’t think the Trayvon Martin situation was that cut and dry, so I wish they hadn’t done this as well.

  2. says

    The Trayvon Martin “thing” isn’t that cut and dried? He went to the store, unarmed, for a drink and candy. Last I heard, walking to the store isn’t a Death Penalty offense, you tool.

    Remove George Zimmerman from that equation and he wouldn’t be dead.

  3. Kev C says

    Macklemore is a clueless liberal. He has no respect for the victims of homophobia. Liberals, including gay ones, don’t care about gays or homophobia, they only care about money. Trayvon was a homophobe. Rap music is homophobic.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Treyvon Martin was beating the snot out of Zimmerman.”

    What would you have done? Plead, “please, mister, don’t shoot me?”

    Trayvon fought for his life, but he lost.

    This Zimmerman is proving how wonderful and brave a human being his is. He only pulls guns on women now.

  5. says

    Trust a story about Trayvon and Macklemore to bring out the miserable white boys whose piece of s**t homophobic white families taught them to hate black people and liberals almost as much as they hate themselves.

    we get it, trolls. your white conservative families hate blacks just a *wee* bit more than they hate having your gay @sses in the family, and you think if you hate black people just as hard maybe they’ll one day love you. spoiler alert – they won’t.

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