Marriage Equality Bill Defeated in Australia’s New South Wales State

The upper house of the NSW parliament rejected a bill legalizing same-sex marriage, the Sydney Morning Herald reports:

NswDespite initial hopes the upper house would pass the legislation, MPs voted against it by 21 votes to 19 in the Legislative Council on Thursday afternoon.

So why did the bill fail?

Mr Nile said he believed a decisive factor in the bill's defeat was Premier Barry O'Farrell's announcement that he would vote against the bill if it came before the lower house.

Mr O'Farrell revealed his support for same-sex marriage a day after New Zealand's parliament voted to change its national laws in April.

But in a statement released the night before the bill's introduction to the upper house last month, Mr O'Farrell said that while he was a supporter of marriage equality, he would not support the NSW legislation.

He argued that "only change enacted by the Federal Parliament can deliver true equality in our marriage laws".


  1. Andrew says

    Go the ACT! But really NSW?! Come on! I can’t believe the Libs got voted in, then again, all anyone voted for was getting rid of the Carbon Tax. Oh the average voter, only voting based on one issue and nothing else. I still laugh that the Libs got in; don’t the voters remember what the Libs did last time they were in power? Work Choices!

  2. sam says

    Litper, if you knew anything about Australian history, you would know that the large majority of ‘criminals’ transported to Australian in the late 18th and early 19th centuries where mere petty thieves. For example, one of the biggest crimes was stealing a loaf of bread or pickpocketing. You must remember the UK had the death penalty back than that the rapists and murders where given the death penalty and that transportation was a sentence given mostly to petty criminals and political prisoners from Ireland. It pisses me off how ignorant people are. Plus I guess you can’t remember that from the 17th century until the American Revolution, many British colonies in North America where used as for penal transportation!

  3. Kane says

    RE: “… only change enacted by the Federal Parliament can deliver true equality in our marriage laws.”

    What a ridiculous reason. CHANGE starts with you. Do it at the local/state level and make the change happen.

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