1. Shawn says

    Oh no! No one should be asking this nut for advice. Asking him for parenting advice is reckless and irresponsible.

  2. Mike says

    Gee, Pat it sounds ALMOST like something that YOU did with one of YOUR employees. Bet that it cost you a lot of money for attorneys? Right?

  3. pedro says

    The idea that molestation makes boys gays is ridiculous and people who posit this theory are beyond stupid…People confuse correlation and causation. It is probaby true that a disproportionate percentage of gay boys are molested…but this is because pedos target the most vulnerable targets…

    Young, sexually confused youths are great targets…they are gay and are molested. Not the other way around. It is also true that boys of single mothers are also disproportionately victimized…again they are more vulnerable and easier targets than boys with a dad around.

  4. Bill says

    What Robertson said in the video wasn’t that bad – the obnoxious stuff in the quote wasn’t in the video. Was someone a little too aggressive in editing the video and cut too much of it?

  5. D says

    I was an out, sexually active gay youth and I knew other sexually active gay youths. Trust me. Gay youths KNOW what they’re doing.

  6. Nick says

    Pat –
    and did you get your psychiatric credentials at the same place you got your degree in fairy tales?- a Sears catalog perhaps?
    Go away-you have done enough damage during your sorry existence. Perhaps you should return to the vault and count the money from you pirating diamonds from Africa in exchange for the book of fairy tales you give to the masses over on that continent.

  7. Jay says

    Fix your quote. “Gay youth don’t know what THEY’RE doing; they’re teenagers.” Yes, the first “they’re” is the contraction, too.

    And to the point, I was never molested, and most of my very close gay friends claim to have never been molested. Some joke that they wish they had been, which isn’t something you joke about, especially not in polite company, and leads me to think that they were not only not molested, but don’t know anyone who was, either.

    Then again, this argument isn’t new, and the very opposite is used to explain lesbianism. “A man molested her, which made her hate men.”

  8. Joe says

    This blood-sucking evil vampire once again sinks his teeth into a gullible victim and produces the expected result: a bloody godawful lie.

  9. George says

    Never mind that old quack; what about the mother? Is she gullible? Can she believe the molestation-homosexuality connection? What harm can she do based on that “belief”?

  10. JackFknTwist says

    Great, now he has turned her mind to being suspicious of every adult her son has ever had contact with.
    Nice one Pat.
    “How to Phuck Up Families” is a better title for your delusions.

  11. Bill says

    So I was molested by an older girl when I was 13 – how come it didn’t turn me straight? This old fart needs to FINALLY pack his panties and retire to The Doddering Christian Retirement Asylum.

  12. Bill says

    So I was molested by an older girl when I was 13 – how come it didn’t turn me straight? This old fart needs to FINALLY pack his panties and retire to The Doddering Christian Retirement Asylum.

  13. Rick says

    Pat Robertson sure seems to have a lot of guilt about some act in his own past which makes him cast aspersions on those around him. Did his father molest him? Did he molest someone? His narrow minded focus on the gays and gay sex really is telling about something in his past (or maybe present).

  14. thom says

    Asking Pat Robertson’s advice is like asking Hitler if he should target Jews to punish for…being Jews?.Huh? This old troll needs to curl up under a slimy rock and expire.
    Sad, sad excuse for a man.

    You can live off of the millions you make on those diamond mines in Africa..or hey, ho about donating some of your immense wealth to the poor and helpless there? Just a thought, Paddy.

  15. JT says

    What every child should be asked is, “Did that televangelist molest you?” “Did that priest molest you?” Did that clerical person molest you?” And the reason is: many of the people in these groups are known pedophiles. That’s right, one has to be wary of the high prevalence of pedophiles in these vocations so be wary Johnny, be very aware.
    Coaches should be in an uproar about now.