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'Queer As Folk' Scribe Penning Two New Gay Dramas, Web Series For British TV

The brain behind Britain's now fifteen-year-old Queer as Folk will be pumping out two new shows in 2014, and just like that show, it sounds like it'll be all (or at least partially) about sex. Russell T. Davies has penned Cucumber and Banana, companion shows with interrelated characters that will be accompanied by a supplemental program online called Tofu. The delicious trifecta is named after a scientific study Davies once read which "divided the hard-on into four categories, from soft to hard. One, tofu. Two, peeled banana. Three, banana. And four, cucumber." Sounds promising, right? 

RusselltdaviesThe Hollywood Reporter reports:

Cucumber is eight hour-long episodes for Channel 4 and follows 46-year-old Henry and his long-suffering boyfriend Lance.

Life for Henry and Lance is comfortable and settled. But after the most disastrous date night in history -- involving a death, a threesome, two police cars and the Glee Christmas Album -- Henry's old life shatters, and his new one begins.

On E4, Banana will follow the lives of characters orbiting around Henry in Cucumber, in eight 30-minute episodes.

From young lesbian Scotty's first love to 19-year-old Dean's mysterious family secrets, Banana covers "50 shades of gay, and beyond," Channel 4 said.

Tofu aims to take the experience online with eight factual episodes navigating the landscape of 21st-century sex in its own inimitable way.

The shows, which are still being cast and are set to begin shooting in early 2014, will likely have a great deal of hype surrounding them. Davies is well-known not only for QAF, but also for his work on Doctor Who, a show which has consistently grown in popularity both across the pond and domestically. His collaborators rightly have faith in his ability to deliver on his new shows.

Channel 4 head of drama Piers Wenger said: "No one can look into the heart and soul of modern relationships quite like Russell, and across Channel 4, E4 and online, he paints an unflinching and forensic portrait of how our sex lives affect us all. It might be 15 years since Queer as Folk, but he has made it more than worth the wait."

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  1. His 'work on Doctor Who'?

    He INVENTED modern Doctor Who: it is HIS baby and every major decision about the tone, direction, look and casting of the programme was his. Why do you think it's one of the most humanist, gay-friendly things on TV?

    'Doctor Who' is worth TEN overtly gay programmes.

    Also, one of the two main characters on the original 'Queer as Folk' was a hopeless Whovian. He was thinking about it even then.

    Posted by: Chaz | Nov 19, 2013 11:16:31 AM

  2. I guess he's gotten back on track after the death of his husband.

    Posted by: anon | Nov 19, 2013 12:04:37 PM

  3. All that's true, Chaz, but RTD also doesn't known when to stop, when to let a story end. The end of the British QAF was *hideous*, a mockery of what had gone before.

    He is also responsible for that horrible last season of the 10th Doctor, all that whiny, emo nonsense of "Waaah! I don't want to regenerate! Waaaah!". He also probably drove Christopher Eccleston away, made Captain Jack a punchline and foisted Rose on us.

    My prediction for the new shows: lots of hype, the first few episodes will be really good, then the whole plot will spin out of control in to absurdity and eye-rolling on the part of the audience. By the end of both series, people will be *glad* that they're over.

    Posted by: Henry Holland | Nov 19, 2013 12:15:14 PM

  4. Henry, dems fightin' words. You certainly don't speak for me any of the whovians I know. But let's not turn this into a nerd fight.

    Posted by: Tyler | Nov 19, 2013 1:05:46 PM

  5. And he ruined Torchwood.

    Posted by: Glenn | Nov 20, 2013 3:24:50 AM

  6. Russell's husband isn't dead, he just Tweeted two hours ago!

    Posted by: Stephen | Nov 20, 2013 9:10:02 AM

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