Sally Kern’s Husband Arranges Prayer Protest Of Gay-Themed Play in Oklahoma

Adam and Steve

The Oklahoma City Theatre Company will be releasing a production of "The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told" to run December 5-22, and some of the pastors in the area are taking offense. The play tells the story of Adam and Steve, who leave the Garden of Eden to encounter the Earth's first inhabitants, a pair of lesbians named Jane and Mabel. Reverend Steve Kern cannot abide what he is calling an "open display of intolerance, irreverence and disrespect for the faith of the majority of citizens of this city,” and has organized a prayer protest to take place on December 6 outside the theater.

Steve_kernRev. Kern, husband of the reprehensible Sally "Gays are worse than terrorists" Kern, insists that it will be a peaceful, quiet protest with no "yelling or screaming anything." What Kern is precisely protesting is uncertain, particularly since the nudity has been removed from this production, but the fact that the play has any sort of positive gay theme seems to be enough. Without a trace of irony or ounce of self-awarness, Kern said, “I just feel like we as Christians need to begin speaking out publicly about things like this. We've been silent for far too long.”

The theater company's artistic director Rachel Irick is unfazed by all the hoopla. In fact, she finds it all interesting as they've "never been protested to this extent." While the prayer vigil doesn't bother her in the slightest and will have no impact on the show proceeding as planned, she did have a rather insightful remark: “Have they considered Christ's words in Matthew 6:5? Christ never spoke against homosexuals, but he did condemn praying on street corners for the purpose of being seen.”