1. kit says

    Lucifer blah blah blah sex blah blah blah Satan blah blah blah — I really can’t pay attention to what he is saying because I’m so transfixed by the fabulous hair-do! How can I get my hair plugs to stand up like that? Is it product? Electro-shock? Cross-breeding with hedgehogs? Inquiring minds want to know!!!

  2. says

    You show me someone who talks about Satan, and “demons” who isn’t 100% bats**t insane, and I’ll show you a unicorn.

    Incidentally, if any of you have a fear of demonic possession, I’ve discovered a 100% guaranteed method of protection: don’t believe it’s possible.

    Atheists and Agnostics and secularists tend to not get possessed, mmmkay?

  3. disgusted American says

    …ohh well they figured it all out – haven’t they? lol ummm, Noooo – she wanted to obviously CHANGE her cutesy Image in a Permanent way – and Make More $$$$


    So THAT is what it takes to get fame and fortune? My gosh, so simple! I don’t know how millions of starving folks didn’t realize that little secret. I guess they were praying to the wrong god then.

  5. Sean says

    Yes, the existence of Miley Cyrus is offensive. But at least she exists! Lucifer? really? How they manage to keep an audience while maintaining these fictional characters exist is mind-boggling. Lucifer…lol.

  6. Jerry says

    Hey, I look at it like this: she’s painfully annoying, but NOTHING MORE THAN THAT.

    As far as having sex with demons, so did Lilith. She thought that demons were better at sex than Adam, which I don’t doubt, if for no other reason than that the demons let Lilith get on top. We know that the Jeebus lovers greatly fear women who insist on anything other than missionary position.

  7. JackFknTwist says

    All these little minds seem to take the iconography of medieval Europe seriously.
    They seem to have swallowed all the medieval paintings depicting demons with forks prodding and tormenting souls….and they have combined that with the similar iconography of The Witchcraft Craze of the Thirteenth Century.

    These are the same nutcases who burned old women who had cats; they are the same people as the Bishop of Trier who held a trial for a cockrel and burned it at the stake when it was found guilty of witchcraft. These nuts probably still believe in flying broomsticks.

    These are the same people who know the names of the different devils, Satan/Lucifer ( one and the same), Beelzebub…..I’ve forgotten all the others.
    My point is that these are medievalists, still as simple minded as ever, now with a veneer of evangelicalism.
    They are not only dumb but they are needy and emotionally stunted and on the edge of psychotic.

  8. Geoff says

    Every time I see that shot of Miley I think of Michele Bachmann posing for a VERY disinterested Marcus. There’s an accordion polka throbbing in the background. Hmmmmm.

  9. Will says

    What if these, cribstians, people actually are the servants of Hell? They’re the only ones talking about Satan and sexing demons. Isn’t the devil supposed to be clever? Christians and most religious fanatics say his name the most and invoke all his pantheon of demons. I bet they’re working with Satan to keep his name alive.
    Holy Chit !

  10. YSOSERIOUS says

    “Synagogue of Satan”

    Because conflating Satanism with Judaism is adding insult to injury. Maybe he’s saying Miley is a Jew too? Or all Jews are Satanists?

    So he’s antisemitic and an idiot too.

    He will be in my (Jewish) thoughts and prayers. He most obviously needs them.

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