Right Wing Radio Hosts: Miley Cyrus Sold Her Soul to Satan, Had Sex With a Demon – AUDIO

Miley 2

Responding to a picture posted on Miley Cyrus's Twitter account showing the 20-year-old pop star celebrating the Halloween spirit with a prop skeleton, right wing radio host Rick Wiles lamented Miley's transformation into the "poster child" for the "Synagogue of Satan."

Rick WilesSaid Wiles (pictured right):

"Any wonder whom she serves as her soul's master? Sadly, I think Miley is merely the latest young talented person to make the deal with Lucifer. I am thoroughly convinced many pop culture music and movie stars sold their souls to Satan in return for fame and money."

Right Wing Watch reports that Wiles was later joined by pastor Joe Schimmel in an analysis of the singer's VMA performance in August, with Schimmel asserting, "she's basically, at least symbolically, showing how to have sex with some Satanic figure."

Listen to both snippets (and check out Miley's "satanic" photo) AFTER THE JUMP...