1. BreckR says

    Hey, I am a Gaga fan and even like (but don’t love) the new album…I just love her batsh!t expressionist vibe and musical daring. BUT, playing out the most sordid part of a former preisdent’s legacy as the world commemorates the week ofbthe 50th Anniversary of his assassination seems…tone deaf at best. And when you throw in that the guy “playing” the slain JFK is best known for his underage sexual relationships (including a marriage to a child bride) and homphobia, it is all in bad taste. That he is black will also inevitably call comparisons to the current President as well in less historically minded viewers (like the teens who watch the AMAs and won’t necessarily get the Monroe and JFK references right away) which is disrespectful in its own way.


    Hmmm. I’d say the most sordid part of Kennedy’s legacy is the fact that he was assassinated…and celebrating that event’s 50th anniversary is pretty sordid in and of itself.

  3. Lucas H says

    I thought her performance was kind of…eh. At least she didn’t trip and fall this time, and no one let her go on some long rambling monologue.
    Neat concept though.

  4. Brian says

    I like this song, and I like R Kelly, lol. I love the twist on it (rarely ever do people incorporate American History into otherwise ephemeral pop songs). I hope Lady Gaga puts out more stuff like this.

  5. redball says


    not my fave song of hers but this production really kicked it up several notches

    My Queen is EVERYTHING.

  6. Graphicjack says

    Gaga copying Madonna copying Marilyn. Damn, this girl has absolutely no original ideas. It’s pretty sad, really.

  7. Kev C says

    R. Kelly is a pedophile child molester and child pornographer. I guess Lady Gaga is cool with that.