Russian Man Who Shot Gay Rights Activist in the Face is Spared Jail Time


Gleb Likhotkin, a self-described orthodox activist and vice president of an anti-abortion group who shot a gay rights activist in the face with an air gun during an LGBT rights rally in St. Petersburg on May 17, has been given a one-year suspended sentence and no jail time, RIA Novosti reports:

City prosecutors said in a statement that Likhotkin “took personal offense” at a pro-homosexuality slogan written on a balloon being carried by one of the activists.
He fired at least one cartridge of eye irritant at the balloon and then two shots at its carrier, who was trying to disarm him.
Likhotkin pleaded not guilty but was convicted of hooliganism.


  1. Gregory In Seattle says

    Pussy Riot was convicted on the same charge. How many years in prison were they sentenced to?

    Apparently, you can get away with anything if you are male and doing the Russian Orthodox Church’ dirty work.

  2. Marco says

    My heart bleeds for the LGBT people living in Russia. This is just barbarism and injustice. In this day and age, in a contry that calls itself civilized and that has a seat on the UNO security council, this is unacceptable. This was not self defence. This was killing someone because what he was saying irritated the guy. (Or shocked him or whatever.) We are not monsters for heaven’s sake! We are people who want to love each other like every other couple in the world without having to hide or be ashamed!

  3. MaryM says

    Russia is an evil hellhole where the cancer of religion is poisoning the entire country.

    When are the concentration camps opening?

    Oh silly me – they are already in operation – Pussy Riot have been ‘lost’ by the authorities apparently.

  4. Gregory In Seattle says

    @Marco – Calm down, no one was killed: the gun was basically loaded with pepper spray capsules. Even in Russia, a murder charge would not have gotten off so lightly.

  5. Sean says

    Of course he did but had it been the other way around (A gay guy shooting a straight guy) he would have gotten the death sentence.

    Welcome to Nazi Russia

  6. Jerry says

    @Eugene, Gregory – Russia has a long history of brutalizing pogroms against Jews and gypsies. The Russian Orthodox Church has always approved of such actions, and no representative of the church has so far spoken out against the anti-gay laws or against the violence which has been perpetrated against Russian LGBTs. There can be no debate that the charge and its sentence were a slap on the wrist for such a serious assault.

  7. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    boy. it’s a good thing gay people are “welcome” to come to Russia. Imagine how bad things *could* be.

  8. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    I remember similar outcomes to gay-bashings in this country–and not all that many years ago either.

    Russia has dug in it’s heels in its determination to be reckoned a barbarian country. They so want to be thought of a “European.” Well, it ain’t happening.

  9. Trolled By Headline says

    “Shot in the face”… with “eye irritant” from an air gun.. pepper spray? Really, Russia is such a lawless place that they will let random people wander around with non-lethal weapons? You are trying to blow this out of proportion in an attempt to gain support for your agenda. He pepper sprayed a balloon and then the owner of the balloon. Whoa.. throw him in jail.. Get real, wake up, and report something that actually means something.