Russian Promoter Fined For ‘Harming Children’ By Organizing Lady Gaga Concert

Lady Gaga

The heinous Russian anti-gay "propaganda" laws have found a victim in Planet Plus, a St. Petersburg promoter who organized Lady Gaga's concert last year. Even though it was Gaga herself who broke the law by promoting equality and respect for all during her show, a Russian court found Planet Plus in violation of a law that “protects children from information that is harmful to their health and/or development,” a reinstatement of a verdict that had actually been previously overturned.

A fine was levied of 20,000 rubles, or approximately $614. The amount is pretty paltry for American incomes, but the average Russian salary is roughly 23,600 rubles, or $790. So in American terms, the fine is comparable to about $44,000 for a "crime" that Planet Plus was in no way involved in.

The reason Planet Plus was fined in the first place was because a parent who was a member of the conservative group The Union of Russian Citizens complained after taking her 13-year-old daughter to see the show in what is perhaps the most obvious case this year of someone trying to be offended.

Posted November 17, 2013 at 3:45pm ETC by Christian Walters
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