1. says

    AMEN! Wonderfully done, and kudos to all who participated, particularly young Mr. Beatty, for giving a brave face to their community. The reality is that discrimination and prejudice against our trans brothers and sisters is no different from the prejudice and discrimination we face as gay people – it’s all, as the PSA said, based on misinformation and bias. Bravo to all who challenge the culture of stupid that mires social progress.

  2. WOLF says

    I work in the same building as Dr. Shah and have even done IT support for his office. I could say something. I’m not sure what I would or should say, if anything at all.

  3. ASam says

    Little Kiwi,

    I highly doubt that you are homosexual. Homosexual men don’t dilute the homosexual rights movement by including trans notions within that movement.

    Have you ever thought that you might be a penis addict instead?

  4. Charles in the Big Easy says

    If multiplying numbers is the goal, we should be merging our movement with heterosexual porn addicts or straight men into big boobs or all fans of Twilight or the citizens of China and India. Why select a tiny group (which is not even a group in its own right, but gaggle of groups with gender problems and birth defects) with no resources but endless demands, and proclaim that they are one with all LGBs? This has not made us stronger at all. It has hurt us greatly.

  5. WOLF says


    There’s no need to be nasty. My grammar was perfectly sound. I am willing to advocate for this, but I wasn’t sure what I should say exactly. Instead of being snide, you could have suggested something actually helpful.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    @Charles in the Big Easy (maybe Rick):

    For many Gay folks there has never been a separation from Transfolk. When I started going out to so-called “Gay areas” in the 1970s there were always Transfolk (we just used different terminalogy back then. We said “Drag Queen”–now we’ve learned to more respectful).

    The only Gay men who did not come in contact with Transfolk were those who were still in closet. They only came to the Gay areas after it was dark–like vampires.

  7. WOLF says


    We lose nothing by including others who are in need of support in our circle. If anything, we gain legitimacy in that we are not alone. Sexuality and gender are different, but they are not mutually exclusive or unrelated. Of course you probably don’t care about any of that, since you have something against trans people, and my making any sort of argument won’t stop that.

  8. Thedrdonna says

    Alloys are stronger than pure metals, and the principle is much the same in the LGBT movement. The gay men who want to push trans folks and bi folk under the bus are a loud minority who don’t know much about the history of the gay rights movement or the basis for the association between gender and sexual minorities.

  9. Thedrdonna says

    @Wolf, I’m not sure either why Jerry hopped on you for that. In terms of what you could say, here we go: Medicaid in NY currently has the following exclusion: ““Payment is not available for care, services, drugs, or supplies rendered for the purpose of gender reassignment (also known as transsexual surgery) or any care, services, drugs, or supplies intended to promote such treatment.” 18 NYCRR 505.2(l).” This exclusion is based around the idea that transgender medications, services, and surgeries are “elective”, which has been shown to be untrue. Most major medical orgs, including the AMA and the APA, agree that transition treatments are medically necessary when prescribed by an attending physician. Keeping that clause in the Medicaid rules is discrimination against the trans folk of New York, who incidentally are more likely to be poorer and thus more likely to be using a public service like Medicaid.

  10. Vera says

    There can be absolutely no doubt that these are indeed elective surgeries by people who wish to change their bodies to facilitate their mental notions of how they should be. If my eyes weren’t so ‘White’ and more like my mother’s and I wanted to have eye surgery to make them look less ‘asian’ to become more accepted by society or fit my notion of what I should look like, should the public pay for that?

  11. Endorado says

    I’m just an alias Rick chose to post extremely bigoted comments under because I’m desperate to draw attention to myself from as many different sources as possible. Doing so keeps me from ending my pathetic life. I’m pretty sad.

  12. Thedrdonna says

    Vera, the AMA, the APA, and other medical organizations have all issued statements to the effect of the fact that they recognize that transgender surgeries are medically necessary when prescribed by a doctor. What are your credentials, that you know better than them?

  13. Thedrdonna says

    Vera, the AMA, the APA, and other medical organizations have all issued statements to the effect of the fact that they recognize that transgender surgeries are medically necessary when prescribed by a doctor. What are your credentials, that you know better than them?

  14. Vera says

    Wanting to change your sexual to be who you truly are offends me because I’m self loathing and would never have the balls to show the world who I really am. And by really am, I mean that my name is Rick and you can recognize my bigotry easily.

  15. jklmnop says

    That kid is great. I’ve read and seen some earlier blog stuff he did and that kid is terrific. Gives me hope since many of the people I know in their 20’s are lazy assholes with an incredible sense of entitlement.

  16. Francis says

    Awesome Warren Beatty is involved with this. That gives this PSA campaign some star power that can raise awareness. Stephen has definitely grown into a cute gay man. Great to see GLAAD focusing more on trans equality.

  17. Charles from the Big Easy says

    So the more groups we add to LGBs, the stronger we are, is the response.

    OK, taking this as true, why would we possibly stop at T? If adding more and more groups only makes us stronger and has no downside, then it makes no sense to simply add a tiny group to LGBs. And the other letters that get tacked on are basically just subgroups of T (intersexed, queer, GNC, etc.) so those letters don’t expand anything. So if we follow Derrick and Donna’s logic, then we really do need to be merging LGB with population of China, which is 25% of the world, rather than Ts, which are a tiny fraction of 1%. Plus, with China we get lots of money, an army and nuclear weapons. With Ts, we only get silicone breast implants and bitterness.

    By merging with China, our LGBC community will be really strong and HRC and NGLTF can focus on the issues that matter most to 99% of LGBC people. Like reunifying the mainland with Taiwan and expanding our naval presence in the Pacific.

  18. Thedrdonna says

    @Charles: I said alloys are stronger than pure metals. Only a fool would take that to mean that we should include very group under the sun in the LGBT movement, the same way that only a fool would think that combining all the elements would make the strongest metal.

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