Tom Hardy Has Been Getting into Elton John’s Clothing


Tom Hardy has been getting into character for his role in the upcoming Elton John biopic Rocketman, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

"Turning up in early November at the American Film Market to tout the project, Hardy — accompanied by John — revealed he's been wearing the pop icon's actual clothes to get into the mood (he especially likes John's iconic tracksuits). Hardy even asked to borrow John's watch."


  1. bandanajack says

    elton really does look like the cat that got the canary, and that looks like a death grip he has on hardy. cop a feel for me, elton!

  2. Leroy Laflamme says

    Way to antagonise the few here who agree with you on that anti-troll-crusade of yours, FENROX! Tom Hardy is NOT hideous. He is scrumdiddleyumptious! (Unless, of course, some troll hijacked your name …)

  3. WOLF says

    @Fenrox I never cease to be amazed at how ugly people feel safe to criticize the appearance of someone attractive while hiding behind the curtain of the Internet

  4. Grant says truly is people like you that make this world a much more difficult place to live..”if you have nothing nice to say..don’t”
    To all the bitter and unhappy people of the world..keep your negative opinions,suggestions or just any unkind statement to yourself..
    Its hard enough getting through a day without worrying what some personally unhappy individual has to say

  5. Charlie Horse says

    David is just hoping it’s his next play thing, cause that’s how David rolls…at 50-something.