1. Mike Ryan says

    Ben Cohen: smoke and acrobatics but I don’t see any real talent there as a dancer. No offense.

    James Franco: The selfie looks more like his younger brother but the size and length of those fingers bring such excitement to the imagination!

    SF: As a native San Franciscan I’ve seen this bit of footage before.

    Da plane – Da plane! What a feat of technology!

  2. Randy says

    I believe the name of the San Francisco short is A Trip Down Market Street Before the Fire (1906). While that particular post on YouTube is new, it’s been posted on YouTube in various forms for a long time.

    Some people have remarked on the traffic, but if you pay attention, you’ll notice that a lot of it seems staged for the film. Car with plate 4867 for example keeps circling the trolley we’re on, instead of going somewhere.

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