Bob’s Burgers’ ‘Gravy Boat’ Is Your New Thanksgiving Anthem: VIDEO

And if you’re hungry for extra helpings of Thanksgiving-themed songs, you can always serve up Adam Sandler’s “Thanksgiving Song,” Mary Chapin Carptener’s “Thanksgiving Song,” Johnny Cash’s “Thanksgiving Prayer” and Nicole Westbrook’s irritatingly catchy “It’s Thanksgiving”.


  1. Keith says

    bob’s burger is the funniest thing on tv. this clip is too short. watch a full episode, or better yet, watch the past episode titled Topsy. you’ll pee your pants.

  2. dommyluc says

    Keith, I agree with you 100%. If it wasn’t an animated show, it would probably win 7 Emmy awards every year.
    But I still think Linda’s last Thanksgiving anthem will NEVER be topped!!!

    Pass the cranberry,we got mashed potatoes…

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