Waitress and Former Marine Denied Tip Based On Her Gay ‘Lifestyle’

Dayna Morales, a waitress at Gallop Asian Bistro in Bridgewater, New Jersey got more, and less, than she bargained for when she served one woman and her family on Wednesday. The former Marine found both a note and a $0.00 tip on the check, and it was related to Morales's looks rather than her service. As soon as the family was seated, Morales reported, they noted her short haircut and seemed shocked by her appearance. 

NjwaitressHuffPost reports:

"Oh I thought you were gonna say your name is Dan," she allegedly said. "You sure surprised us!"

At the end of the meal, Morales was left with no tip on the $93.55 bill. Instead, she found a note on the receipt, reading: "I'm sorry but I cannot tip because I don't agree with your lifestyle & how you live your life."

Morales expressed her disgust over the incident in her email to Have A Gay Day. The email, later posted to the site's Facebook page, read:

I am THOROUGHLY offended mad pissed off and hurt that THIS is what her kids will grow up learning and that I served in the Marines to keep ignorant people like them free. Sorry lady but I don't agree with YOUR lifestyle and the way you're raising your kids but you didn't see me throwing that in your face and giving you shitty service. Keep your damn mouth shut and pray we never cross paths again.

There has been an outpouring of support from Facebook users assuring Morales that most heterosexual persons would be hard pressed to engage in such an action. However, as Huffington Post notes, there have been several incidents in the past months which would seem to suggest otherwise. A waiter at Carrabba's Italian Grill in Overland Park, Kansas received an extremely homophobic note last month, stating: "We hope you will see the tip your fag choices made you lose out on, and plan accordingly." Similar stories of denied service in business environments, including bed and breakfasts and eating establishments, have peppered the news in the past year.

Photo via Have A Gay Day's facebook page.