1. Sean Maloney says

    Oh, great, more Auto-Tuned repetitive lyrics that are nothing more than clichés. How long does it take to write a pop song these days? Five minutes? A bag of Cheetos has more sustenance.

  2. Pete Johnson says

    As if ANYTHING Britney Spears could vomit up could even approach Ray of Light. I say this as someone who believes Ray of Light (both song and album) is the high point of Madonna’s career. (Quite very possibly to Orbit’s electronica goodness)

  3. crispy says

    Given Madonna’s output since Ray of Light, I’d have to say Orbit gets most of the credit for that release.

    It’s a shame to see him slumming it with Britney Spears. I guess he needed to pay off his flat.

  4. JMC says

    Beautiful song! Orbit’s production seems a bit bland when this song is played on speakers but you feel like you’re floating when you listen to it with headphones. Can’t wait to hear the final song, you can definitely tell the vocals in the chorus are off in this version.

  5. Randy says

    “Web Sheriff” ruined the day (or saved your ears, depending on your point of view)

    This appears to be the track:

    For Brit’s sake, I sure hope this isn’t it. God damn that sucks.

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